Spending $ to make $$

So...I guess that whole advertising thing works. I finally put listings up on and eros. I've played more in the last seven days than I had in the previous month. I hate turning down appointments, but I can't do many days like today. Day job for eight hours, an hour in the gym and then in the dungeon until nearly 1am. But DAMN I AM HAVING FUN!!!!!! I seem to have finally discovered the magical combination of language and images to consistently bring me exactly the kind of play partners I enjoy!

Highlights of my scenes this week include something I've wanted to do since I started Muay Thai...HUMAN PUNCHING BAG! Full force front kicks sent him FLYING across the room! My trainer was deeply amused to hear how I put his coaching to use. Also, I don't think I ever realized before how much I enjoy spitting. Other super fun activities this week: tampon fetching races at Paddles, my first successful fisting scene (my hands are HUGE for that sort of play!), working the Cobra Stinger into nearly every scene, making excellent use of my rudimentary rope bondage skills (causing one client to teasingly call me Midori Goldberg), MORE ball kicking and some really intense choking and breath play. Who gets to have a better time at work than me?

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