I thought I was so into this and that I had so much to vent and bitch about, but I created this account two days ago and haven't had a private moment to post a thing. Now, here I am with nothing to really say. I guess I'll begin with the where/when and move on to thoughts about it all later. Last night C (that's my boyfriend for the last three and a half years) & I went to see our friend Hannah Lindroth play CMJ at Luna Lounge. She was terrific as usual. Amazing voice, talented songwriter and she's finally comfortable on stage. Then we booked over to the Pioneer theater @ Two Boots for INTO THE NIGHT: THE BENNY MARDONES STORY. I had no idea what I was in for nor did I even realise that I knew anything about this movie. You know the song too. They said it is still one of the 25 most played songs on the radio today. Real Audio The story was compelling, funny at times and ultimately very sad. As much as I enjoyed the documentary, afterward Benny Mardones sang across the street, and it was one of those moments. At first his voice sounded kind of off and I figured that the Parkinson's had effected it. I was reminded of when I saw Bob Dylan in 1993 butchering his own songs. Then he sang Into the Night and suddenly he was on. Everything clicked in and he gave an intense performance. On our way home C & I were talking and I said something along the lines of how we took part in or at least witnessed some miniscule sliver of music history.