Fetish Origins and the Ghosts of High School

Almost every sexual fetish seems to stem from a pivotal event in childhood.  I've heard countless stories from my clients over the years about the seductively dangled high heel or the sister's underpants or playing under the table surrounded by stocking clad feet. I've recreated those scenarios many times.  Recently however I heard from a high school classmate of my own.  A moment that I don't even recollect has been seared into his memory and provided wank material for nearly three decades.  It seems we were 16, sitting on a couch.  I slipped my boots and socks off, tucked a leg beneath me and caught him ogling my bare foot.  He says I locked eyes with him, looked down at my foot, back at him and gave a devilish grin.  He felt busted and embarrassed, but thoroughly titillated. And my immaculate, large feet have figured in his fantasies ever since.  When he reached out to me and said "I need to ask you a question" I was certain he'd seen an ad or stumbled across my site and wanted to check if it were actually me.  But he hadn't.  In a drunken haze he wanted to know if I remembered catching him staring at my bare feet 28 years ago.  I still don't recollect that incredibly important moment for him, but I know he never expected my reply: "No!!! I don't. But that's hysterical.  I've been a prodomme for 25 years.  I have size 12 feet.  Foot fetishists are my bread and butter!"