You may have noticed a! I guess I may have been spending too much time checking out my friend Thomas' fotolog The Use of Fiction. A few days ago I decided that my clients fantasies were SO much more interesting than what was actually going on in my life that I would start sharing them with you; however my last few calls were short and somewhat boring/inappropriate.

Me: Hi there. Who's this?

client: This is John and I have a huge cock.

Me: That's nice John, why are you calling me today?

client: I want you to suck my knob

Me: Really John, that's not what I'm here for. I'm here for you to serve me. Are you ready to descend toward poverty in my name?

client: I want you to suck my cock.

Me: John, that will never, ever happen. If you are lucky, I might allow you to suck some cock while I watch. Would you like to be my little slut John?

client: No, I want you to suck my cock.

Me: Wow John, not only are you a pathetic insignificant male, you are stupid too. Did you see my listing on the web or did you only hear me on the phone?

client: I heard you on the phone and I want you to suck my cock.

Me: Aaaaahh, I see. Were you mezmerized by my sexy voice? Do you need a strong woman to take advantage of you?

client: No, I just want you to suck my huge cock

click....What the fuck? There are dozens of chicks available for straight up phone sex, why call me? All of my listings say "DOMINATION." My phone intros are about "Let's MAX OUT your credit cards" and "Professional Dominatrix demands financial worship." There is no cock sucking involved in those two things! Whatever, I promise I will relate a better call soon.


So guess where Tori & C were at 5 am christmas morning? The pix are HOT and they both maintain that they didn't see another soul until 5 minutes after they finished the shoot. I've been spending quite a bit of time doing Keen/Niteflirt calls and am thoroughly enjoying myself. Particularly this financial domination fetish. Sure I got gifts as a prodomme. I own a $2000 custom made David Menkes 5 piece leather outfit and yes I was flown to London to attend the Rubber Ball a few years ago. However, I have never before been given straight up gifts. There were always implications, insinuations, the slave that bought the leather for me stopped seeing me because I chose to go out with friends on a night that he said he "really needed me." And the trip to London was great, but I had to suffer through attempting to teach my client's girlfriend how to really dominate him, since even though they switched, he completely topped her from below. Today, in addition to the cash I earned from his phone calls, a client sent me a $50 Amazon gift certificate. I bought three items that were on my wishlist: the Audition dvd, Martin Gore's Counterfeit CD and a hot air popcorn popper. I am particularly pleased since at the time he sent me the gift certificate, I had not yet received a single gift this holiday season and was somewhat bummed about that. I have since collected an Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa gift certificate and a bunch of Happy Bunny stuff. I LOVE HAPPY BUNNY!!!! I haven't gotten it yet, but I fully intend to purchase the item below: Is it perfect or what!?!?


So it seems that even though I am stuck in a record/bookstore for over a hundred hours a week, all of my interests are of the prurient variety. My boyfriend recently took some pix for a friend of ours who will soon be a SuicideGirl. She has "gone pink" which I guess means they'll be posting her nekkid pix very soon. Her name on that site is Tori, so check her out. They talk nearly everyday trying to figure out where to shoot her next set as the powers that be over there are sick of bedroom shots. They want something more creative, so current locations in the running include the subway (but she heard that's been done before) and they both independently came up with the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park

So I had a session last week. It was phenomenal. He was a client I picked up on, he is my best client from that site and to date I have earned $714.74 chatting with him while he pays $2.99/minute. Over the last few weeks he has gone on about what a heavy masochist and complete pain slut he is and after the day I had following my last post (laptop fell & the screen shattered, the shop flooded because the community access tenant upstairs can't flush a toilet properly) I had plenty of stress that I was looking forward to taking out on his ass. And so...I did. Afterward I walked something like 30 blocks in the cold feeling powerful and sexy. I'm sure it was a combination of my swagger, my shiny blow-job-red lips and the leather boots I was wearing, but more men checked me out during that stroll than have in the last three months. I am not particularly interested in what psychological defect I have that causes this chain of events (domme-work=immediate increase in projected selfworth/attractiveness) and as unhealthy as it may be, I'm glad it exists.