EIGHT DAYS 'tll Hanukkah: wishlists are updated!

Thanksgiving was fun and low key. I went out to the Hamptons, ate turkey, watched cartoons Friday morning while snuggling with the awesome kids. Our Xmas trip to Anguilla is on and I am totally psyched. In other travel news, I have agreed to go on an all expense paid naturist weekend in January. I'll let you all know how that goes.

I was pleasantly surprised by an email from someone who has not yet called Me via keen or had an actual session with Me. He purchased the book from the reading mentioned a few entries below as well as two others from My Amazon wishlist. Potential slaves take note: this is an EXCELLENT way to introduce yourself! In that evil thing known as the "Holiday Spirit" I have updated both My Amazon wishlist as well as My Fetish Factory wishlist. Ummmm, hello? Get shopping! Yes, that was an order, bitch! Hanukkah begins in only EIGHT DAYS! I brought My (now out of print and rather valuable) DVD of Audition (a grovel slave Amazon wishlist gift from last holiday season) over to a friend's place to watch tonight. Damn I love that movie! It was really novel to watch it with two other Dommes. The one who had not seen it previously made the best comment. "That scene (those of you who have seen it know which one she is referring to) was great, I just wish it was longer!" And similar to my cilice fantasies after reading The DaVinci Code, I now really want [warning: this link has spoilers, please don't read before you've seen it!] an Audition themed session. You might notice that I added a bunch of Miike flicks to My wishlist, I've seen most of them, but I need to own them.


Mrooow: Rubbercat tonight at Opaline

Tonight I will be both attending and (for the early part of the evening) working the door over at Opaline for Leda's Rubbercat Party. It is part of Evita's Ulterior Motives series. Open bar 9-11. Come say hi to Me. Leda always has the best dress code description! Tonight's is: The suggested dress for the evening is fur bikers, cat-o'-nine-tail vixens, slutty alley cats, leather tom cats, latex kittens, puss 'n' booted tops, litter sniffing slaves, glamour puss dommes, felines in bondage or pussy-whipped bottoms!


Multi-talented: Dominatrix/Tech Guru

I've been going out A LOT! Last night I hit two birthday parties, my friend H's over at The Living Room and then Tibbie's over at Karma. Smoking is allowed at Karma!!! Granted I just had the SLC experience of smoking in bars, but between the 80's/90's music and the indescribably NYC atmosphere, I thought I'd been transported back to high school. I had a great time, geeked out with Michael Malice (yes we sat in a bar and I whipped out the ipod to play Jaymz Bee lounge versions of hip hop songs for him) and just relaxed. I saw a client this afternoon who was SO stressed about his doorman or neighbors figuring out that a Dominatrix was coming over that he asked me to a-wear jeans and sneakers, b-put on My makeup when I got there and wash it off before I left and c-when doing verbal humiliation, to please, please not speak above a whisper! As if that weren't amusing enough, our actual session was quite short, but I spent the rest of the hour doing tech support for his laptop and newly acquired ipod. ONLY ME!!!


An update from Jimmy Bob

You may remember the brilliant roleplay I enjoyed with Jimmy Bob. I received an email from him just before the election, that made Me laugh out loud. Choice excerpts below:

Howdy, Mistress Octavia!

You probably didn't figure on hearin' from me agin, seein' as how I
left the Arena fast as a jack rabbit with his tail on fire. But a few
days ago I was wanderin' around the WWW and happened upon your blog, and
was dismayed to see that you done blabbed and bragged clear 'cross
cyberspace how you outsmarted and humiliated me. That was right ornery of
you, when all I wanted was to assuage mah loneliness with some female
companionship, as it were, while I was away from home.

You may be wonderin' what I did about votin' at the Convention. Well,
I remembered you had that vidya tape, and knew you was low-down enough
to use it to ruin mah standin' in society if I voted for George Bush.
So I told the chairman of the Texas delegation that I warn't feelin'
too good - which warn't no lie, cuz mah whole body was still sore after
what you done to me - and he sent in an alternate, and he voted for
President Bush in mah place! So ol' W got his unanimous nomination - which
he deserved, since he is the Lord's chosen instrument in these fearful
times - but I had to lay low in mah hotel room 'stead of standin' proud
on the Convention floor where the folks back in Texas could see me.

So I'm havin' a hard time forgivin' you for the indignities which you
heaped upon mah person, such as ridin' me like a pony, forcin' me to
kiss your feet and ass, and other affronts to mah manhood which I won't
mention! You may have had a good ol' time at mah expense, but I want to
remind you that the Lord watches over all of us, and in His own good
time He will defend the righteous against the evil minions of Satan!

I prayed with the minister of my church for the strength to forgive you. 'Course I couldn't tell him all the details, but he said that you
and all the women in New York City was hedonistic and rebellious, and
wouldn't be goin' to Heaven unless you repent real soon. Most likely you
are goin' to spend all eternity in the Other Place, 'long with Gloria
Steinem, Ellen Degenerate, Huck Finn, Al Frankenstein, the Marquis de
Sod, and John Kerry.

FYI, I been workin' out in the hardware store, liftin' tools and
appliances, when there ain't no customers. So if I ever get back to New
York, I might drop by for a little rematch.

Remember to vote for Bush and Cheney on Nov 2!

Jimmy Bob


Mistress Octavia,

Now that my alter ego has gotten all that off his chest, I have a few
things to add.

That session went way beyond my expectations. I had to remind myself a
few times that it was that sniveling, hypocritical Jimmy Bob who was
being dominated and humiliated, not me, and that it wouldn't go on
forever. It was a total turn-on! You really are good at what you do. And I
was glad to read in your blog that you enjoyed it as much as I did.

You mentioned that if I ever want to do another roleplay in the future,
I should contact you with the details so you can prepare. It's not a
question of if, but when...

Remember to vote for Kerry and Edwards on Nov. 2!



Pirate pic!

I received via email the only picture I've seen so far of Me on Halloween. Unfortunately it doesn't really show My costume, really it is all about My cleavage. That's Cyber feeling Me up.

Readings & Books

Last night, among other things, I went to a reading at KGB. Dana had mentioned it on her blog, the reader seemed amusing and it wasn't too far from home. I did not however catch on before I arrived that this was part of the "Novel Jews" series and that I would be surrounded by what, I think, are supposed to be My peers. New York, jewish, late twenty-somethings who read too much. I walked in and practically turned right around. Even before Jennifer Traig read and gave Me multiple Mom-related flashbacks, the crowd reminded Me uncomfortably of the Youth Leadership Board at the JCC when I was growing up. Regardless of the crowd, she was terrific and I've placed her book on My want list.

I recently corresponded with a woman who wanted some BDSM tips and after recommending the following titles to her, I decided you all might find some use for them too.
SM 101: A Realistic Introduction by Jay Wiseman
Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns by Philip Miller, Molly Devon

Personality Disorder Test redeux

Aaahhh. Some things change and others just do not. I am full swing into a very social week. Tonight I ran into a very old friend who told Me that he had read all the blog archives. His only comment was about the personality disorder test results that I posted about 2 years ago. He managed to somehow come up low on every disorder. Either he is exceptionally well-adjusted OR he is just a clever test taker. I retook the test. My primary disorders are still in full bloom, but the intermediate ones seem to have cooled down a bit. Current results as follows:
Histrionic:Very High
Narcissistic:Very High

-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

Old results here


Cheesecake, no really the dessert, not pinups!

So this post is not BDSM related, so if that is your only interest, feel free to check back another time. However I don't think anyone would deny that a really good dessert is very sexy. So, I present to you my latest freelance graphic design project, a flyer (that is now their home page) for Coney Island Sweets' Cheesecakes. I'm so proud, this project was entirely my baby, I wrote the text, took the photos and did the layout. I am fully aware that some of the text is way over the top, but come on, we are talking about cheesecake! Only creme brulee and some massively dense chocolate creation are more decadent.


Back at the Dungeon

My mood is so terrific! Perhaps I am just easily amused. I'm spending the evening answering the phones over at Arena because the phone girl called out sick. I spent a bit of time in Mia's session. I've never actually observed her in role or played with her before and I must admit she is phenomenal! When I asked her client to perform for us, he confessed the story of his first orgasm/fantasy and discovery "of his sexuality" all wrapped up into one. When he was about fourteen, he tied his shoes to his cock and rolled back and forth on the floor, the weight of the shoes tugging his cock from side to side as he bucked his hips and imagined beautiful women laughing at the spectacle he had created. Of course we forced him to re-enact and finally realize this pivotal moment. Unfortunately his cock bondage skills seemed to have waned during the intervening years, so this little show was rather short.


In Short: Sexy pirate plays pool and sees nature

Sorry for the silence, My darling cube has been misbehaving and totally uncooperative. I think that issue is now resolved. I had a great relaxing time in SLC. We bought membership to a couple of bars, but our local watering hole quickly became Cheers To You. I don't know who the guys on the site are with the tie & bow-tie, every bartender we met there was much more casual. The guys were so nice and knew us by name less than an hour after we got there. We played pool, drank beer and made friends with the locals. One sweetheart gave us our own personal tour of SLC including climbing Pete's Rock, lunch at Ruth's Diner and snowballs up at Solitude.

I had a very busy Halloween. I took the awesome kids trick or treating in SoHo with the Children's Museum of the Arts dressed as a witch in a long black velvet dress with a pointed hat. For the evening's adventures I switched to thigh high leather boots, fishnets, leather mini, black corset, cream ruffled shirt and black eyepatch & bandana to become a very sexy pirate. I rode Abby's anniversary float in the west village Halloween parade, and then attended Evita's What Is Fetish? party over at Opaline. I received a niteflirt call as I was en route to the party and My client paid for the privilege of accompanying Me for the first half hour via My cell phone. I tucked it upside down in My cleavage and let him listen as I greeted friends and explored the party.