Back from Portland, off to the Hamptons...again

I don't know how I became a once a month blogger, or really not even that, as I missed July entirely. Once again, the bulk of my summer is being spent in the hamptons. Since late June I've only been in the city 2 or 3 days a week. I'm being terribly responsible about updating my schedule on the contact page of my site. I must say that I miss my apt and the city in general. I feel like I get back into town, make plans to see a few friends, session like crazy and head right back to the beach. Add to that the week I just spent in Portland, OR and perhaps you'll understand why I hid out like a hermit in my apt for most of yesterday (that and the obscene heat of course).

I had such an amazing time in Portland, both personally and professionally! The first part of my stay was at McMenamins Edgefield to attend a college friend's wedding. Every Oregonian I met was overwhelmingly nice and friendly! Complete strangers consistently went out of their way to assist me, even beyond the hotel grounds. At first I had been apprehensive about staying there due to the "European Style" accommodations (ie: shared bathrooms) however it wasn't bad at all. After the wedding, I moved to a four star hotel in downtown Portland...much more my style! As I had been unable to arrange a dungeon rental, I sessioned my from hotel room. I don't know if I was just in rare form or what, but every session I did there was incredibly intense in its own way. Someone who had heard of me via the cannibal fantasies thread on Katharine Gates'Deviant Desires board actually drove down from Seattle to session with me. We'd corresponded months ago but being on opposite coasts, didn't know when we'd ever meet.

I had an odd sensation one evening after spending five hours in session that day. I had been utterly immersed in the darkest regions of my clients' sexual psyche for so long that my post-session decompression was intense in itself. I changed, washed off my makeup and headed out of the hotel aimlessly. I just needed to get outside and walk the city's streets alone.

Portland may be known as the city of roses, a well-planned city and a mecca for lesbians, however I found it to be the city of breakfast! We ate at The Cricket Cafe, Fat Albert's Breakfast Cafe and The Black Rabbit. Each place was phenomenal!

My companion had never seen the Pacific Ocean, so our last afternoon was spent driving to and from the coast in our adorable rental car. We headed up to Astoria, OR, where The Goonies was filmed. Here's a much more devout and ambitious fan's photo tour. Seeing the town and spots I recognized from the movie was fun, but it was the drive out there and back that I really enjoyed. We passed through several state forests which were shockingly beautiful and hit a roadside stand for what were quite possibly the best and freshest cherries, blueberries and strawberries I'd ever had! We also climbed the Astoria column for breathtaking views.