"To the hustlas, killers, murderers, drug dealers even the strippers"

Last Friday I attended Mistress Sade's demo for domsub friends on anal play at Paddles. As I've experience in this area myself and we've discussed this type of play at length, I was really there more for moral support than anything else. She was, as expected, terrific.

Afterward a few of us went out...sometime around 2am myself, Sade, Kho, Freya and Alice arrived at Scandals. I've been to high-end strip clubs and to bottom of the barrel, all-nude pre-"Times Square Clean Up" joints. This club, essentially under the 59th St Bridge in Long Island City, fell somewhere in the middle. I was surprised and amused by the free valet parking. We had been at the bar for less than a minute when a drunk guy with an Irish accent asked if he could buy me a drink. I told him I'd already ordered one, and turned away from him, which essentially translates to "Go the fuck away." What kind of guy hits on a chick IN A STRIP CLUB???? Sade really wanted to see some impressive pole-dancing, unfortunately none of the women we saw had any real skill. The women got off the stage and made their way along the moat between the stage and the bar accepting tips by pulling the dollars from our fingers with their breats. It was fascinating how most of the dancers gave an individual jiggle, wink and smile to each of us and were rewarded with their tip from our stacks of singles on the bar, while others rushed past the five of us without even glancing in our direction. In a way we were easy marks, I certainly didn't have the heart to stiff any of the girls who made eye contact with me. Particularly since it was so cheap! Single dollar tips seemed to be the norm. I actually gave several dollars to a particularly limber petite Russian girl who had done some acrobatics for a guy several seats down from us, who then didn't tip her at all. When I went downstairs to the bathroom, I spied the "Champagne Room". Or, more accurately the door with gold-tone self-adhesive letters designating it as such. As I walked past I could see that the men's room was really large, seemed clean and had an attendant. The ladies room, by contrast, was really just a filthy closet with a toilet and sink in it. After about an hour, my wallet was $45 lighter and though my prurient desires hadn't really been met, we left.

I wish I had a "listening to" option. Right now it's "I'm N Luv (Wit A Stripper)" by T-Pain.

Catching Up With Octavia Arena

I've been so incredibly busy and life has been so blogworthy, that I didn't want to write a half assed entry...so I haven't written one at all. I wanted to tell you, in detail, about The Ball, my trip to Miami, the wonderful sessions I did there, my fast headspace switch back to nanny in the Hamptons, Leather Pride Night and what I think about sessioning with guys from what I consider my dating pool. But guess what? I never got around to it. And now all those things seems like ancient history already.

So here's a few thoughts, just so you know I'm still here. I'm sessioning. A lot. Who knows how often you think pro-dommes work. The truth is that it is the same as any other kind of freelance work (expect perhaps that my per hour take home pay is probably significantly higher than most). I can earn a grand in one evening and then not work for three weeks. But lately that is not the case, in fact, I've been seeing clients nearly daily. Far from burning out, playing so often has only made me love what I do so much more. I won't accept appointments for sessions that are incompatible with my own interests. Why bother? I'm not interested in just seeing someone once for a session neither of us enjoyed. I much prefer a client who I can really play with, push to new levels and basically grow with. It isn't just about having a masochist suffer more and more for me, (though I won't deny how much I love that) it is the trust that is built only over time. Chemistry is always key and sure you can tell immediately if it is there or not, however, when I'm in session with the men that I play with regularly the intensity is entirely different.

In the last couple of weeks I've done several family-themed roleplays. I've been the sexy, bratty niece teaching her uncle how to be a slut, the angry sister-in-law punishing her sister's husband for his infidelity, the nurturing mommy assuring her son that his transgression hurt her far more than the spanking she is administering hurts him and the older sister who caught her brother wearing her panties. As an only child who has not yet had any children, I don't even qualify for three of the four roles I played.