So, my boyfriend and I continue to cheat on our couples therapist with our other couples therapist. Yes, we have two and yes, we see both of them weekly and no, neither of them know about the other. They serve entirely different purposes. Or, rather they meet different needs toward the same purpose. She is very focused on the practicalities of living and working together and gives us homework assignments like be honest every time I smoke or clean the cat litter every day. He tends to be more analytical and focus on the why rather than the how of us being together.

I continue to sabotage this attempt to fix/figure out/resolve/improve our relationship by managing to forget to take my antidepressants for a week and subjecting my loved one to severe mood swings and general abuse. I love him, so you would think this wouldn't be so damn hard, right?

We continue to see more movies weekly than any other people I've ever met. This week we put our Pioneer membership to good use and saw Willard (which disappeared from the regular movie theaters less than 3 weeks after its release) as well as Shark Skin Man and Peach Hip Girl, which met his needs as foreign, preferably japanese with much violence and mine for gangster slickness, even though we both know it was a Tarrantino rip off. I also saw my first Hitchcock films ever over at AMMI a few weeks ago. For the record they were 39 steps and North by Northwest.