I’m not a financial Domme, but...#tipme #paymyrent!

I’m not a financial Domme, but I do have a $16 per day latte habit. Perhaps you should sponsor that. I’ve always spent my $$ on experiences. When I lived in the city I took taxis, then Ubers everywhere. Got massages and facials regularly. Even now, my grooming budget is obscene! I regularly have my eyebrows/pussy/legs waxed, speaking of "sponsorship" I don't think EWC does gift certificate (idiots!) but a prepaid wax pass or unlimited package would make a lovely tribute/gift/tip. #tipher #tipme #paymyrent (Jacq the Stripper is a god damn genius). I accept cashapp, venmo and giftrocket.  Amazon gift certificates are great, and when I'm flush, I LOOOOOVE them, but let's be realistic, my landlord, doesn't accept them. Dying my hair (come on now, did you really think these fantastic shades of red were natural?!?!), eyelash extensions, manicures, pedicures, chiropractic services--I am all about #selfcare these days--all cost $$$.  I drive a 2001 explorer. Sure I find nice cars sexy. Maybe one day I'll learn to drive stick and get an Aston Martin. Lol. In the meantime if it gets me from point a to point b without costing me too much $/annoyance with repairs I really don’t care. Though I must say (type?) those suicide doors on Teslas are HOT. Maybe I should go hybrid and do my part for the planet. Anyone own a car dealership? I’m sure we can work out some kind of barter. Lol. Essentially I have always prioritized experiences over things.  I don't own any property (hoping to change that in the next few years!) but I've seen a fair amount of the world. My daughter had a passport before she was a year old. As I dip my toes back into the pay for play and public lifestyle scenes, I really need potential slaves to understand that my daughter and husband will always and forever take priority over you. 


As a year round resident of the Hamptons, there are definitely many elements of small town living. I’ve warned my regular clients that they may encounter me in the wild and that any type of public play is strictly prohibited. This is basic common sense. Particularly if I’m with my daughter, approaching me with a “Hello Mistress!” or calling me Octavia (you never thought that was my given name did you?) is entirely inappropriate. I’m totally fine with a hello or any other friendly greeting—that’s up to you, as a sexworker for 25 years, I’d NEVER out a client in public. And since I have a $16 a day latte habit, you may always feel free to sponsor my morning coffee. It seems the coffee shop is where I most often run into clients. Twice in the last week. Hamptons Coffee Company gift certificates make a great gift/tribute, hint. Hint.