Being Appropriately Dressed or Not At All

Some neighbor of Mine is blasting Nirvana's Nevermind loudly enough to come clearly through My walls. It has been a very busy, very fun week. Wednesday night I worked the door again for Rubbercat. I actually had a great time. I really liked how many dommes from other dungeons showed up. Independents too. As opposed to the other times I've worked this night and felt that I was somewhat superfluous, the dress code was in full effect and I got to actually be The Door Cunt and turn away those that were not appropriately dressed.

Thursday evening I saw jimmybob. This time our role play was as Brad and Linda. She has discovered that he has cheated on her but does not reveal this knowledge until he is firmly bound. I (as Linda)then proceeded to torture and humiliate "brad." I had such a phenomenal time. He is a sincere and enthusiastic player. We went out for a wonderful dinner afterward. I enjoy him so much. He sent Me another follow-up email, still in role. I will need to check if he can handle that one being made public also.

Aaahhh. The report you have all been waiting for...the naturist weekend in Maine. Guess what? I'm a natural nudist. I had a great time, was never selfconcious and will certainly do it again. Those of you who know Me well enough, already know that I typically strip the moment I arrive home. This was, however, My first experience with public nudity. Yes, I admit it, I did the insane naked roll in the snow while we were at the Richmond Sauna. Would I do it again? sure! But once was sufficient yesterday. No, it was not an orgy or really sexual at all, actually. Just naked people literally hanging out. Are you dying to see Me naked? Well, it won't happen in session, I assure you, but take Me to a spa/sauna joint and you just might get your wish. hehehehehe.


Three hours in Korea, ok just on 32nd Street

Have you ever been to one of the Korean Spas on 32nd street? Most
of them are very "no-frills" however they are immaculately clean. My
friend and I suspect that when men go there alone, it is a rub & tug
situation, but we don't know for sure, and perhaps the women who do the women's treatments are retired R&T girls. I'd been once before and while the massage was impressive, the scrub really wasn't, over at spadium. However the night before last at about 11pm (you know how much I love anything available late night or 24 hours!) my friend A & I headed up to koreatown for the most amazing experience!!! We went to yipak, but they had already closed, so we were escorted upstairs to the men's spa hanyang. The sauna and steam rooms were small but very clean, the scrub was incredible. Rather than the loofah that was used on Me last time, she used (for lack of a better description) scrubby gloves. The sheer volume of grey dead skin that I saw roll off of both of our bodies was disgusting, but in that totally fascinating way. Oh yeah, there is no privacy, though we were the only people receiving treatments at the time, they happen on these linoleum covered padded tables, three in the room, no curtains or separations. Sometimes there is a washcloth over your eyes but for the most part I watched My friend A's scrub and massage, as she was only 3 feet away, buck naked. How could I resist? The women who work at hanyang were much nicer than at spadium. At spadium, you honestly would have thought you were in boot camp. They handled your body roughly yet thoroughly and literally pushed you from room to room. Things were much more relaxed this time and My skin is quite possibly the softest it has ever been. The massage was so relaxing that I actually fell asleep. That woman walked on my back, cracked Me six ways to Sunday and worked through every knot in My body.

We got out just past 1am and went over to Won Jo for Korean BBQ. Oh yeah, they are open 24 hours too. Thank you little Korean immigrants, that I know are making substandard wages, I love your block.



Two flicks came to My attention today. The first is Arakimentari, which I will probably try to see tonight, whether I find someone to accompany Me or not. It is playing at the amazing (though their website is poorly designed) Imaginasian theater. Check out their description of this documentary:
According to this wild biographical portrait of one of the world's most notorious photographers, there used to only be two contexts for the representation of female nudity in Japan: high art and smut. Nobuyoshi Araki changed all that. Says one admiring colleague, "he made art and porn the same thing." Travis Klose's doc captures the high-spirited, irrepressibly vulgar artist at work and play -- tying up nude models in elaborate bondage set-ups, flirting with his subjects and rampaging through the streets of his beloved Tokyo in search of inspiration. But the film also contains a serious appreciation of Araki's enormous (and enormously varied) body of work from curators, fellow photographers and celebrity friends like Björk and actor-director Takeshi Kitano, who ruefully notes, "Araki seems to enjoy his work more than I do." -- Jason Anderson, Eye Weekly

The other flick I just found out about has Me so excited, you really just can't imagine. One of My all-time-favorite comix has been made into a movie!!!! Frank Miller's Sin City. And it looks like they actually didn't fuck it up! The trailer looks hot. Damn it that the release isn't 'till April. If anyone hears of a pre-release screening of this movie, it is your duty to notify Me immediately!


At The Gym AGAIN, Meow Thoughts

I know I must seem obsessed with this whole gym thing, but I really am thrilled about it. Endorphins and all, you know. I just feel so damn good. Except of course when I'm in total pain the next day, but as I discovered this morning as I dragged Myself to the gym for a 9am appointment with the Trainer (as he will henceforth be referred to), sometimes a good workout will change everything. I barely slept last night, maybe an hour? My pecs and quads were tight and furious with Me. I got stuck in traffic on My way over and left a message on the Trainer's voicemail just short of begging to cancel. He switched up My whole routine and by the end, I felt energized and was grateful that I hadn't ditched out. It must be paying off though, because a repeat client mentioned that he wouldn't have believed it, but My legs are even more toned than the last time he saw Me.

I meant to link to this awhile ago but forgot about it. I love the way this chick writes about the humiliating experience of "single girl buying cat litter". Knowing as some of you might, that I happen to cohabitate with a stray Russian Blue, perhaps this entry rang a tad close to home.


Oatmeal, Caviar & Porn

Sometimes you just need to give in when the universe is insisting that you be decadent. I worked out this morning (ok, maybe 1pm isn't morning to most people, but it is for Me) as I've been doing for the last couple of weeks and then headed over to the Cupping Room for brunch. First I ordered oatmeal, then I tried to order cottage cheese and berries. Though both were on the menu, neither was available today. There went My well-behaved intentions, I finally ordered and received the caviar & cream cheese omlette. Oh yes, it was divine. Spent the afternoon completely off from My personal assisting duties but totally on as their nanny. Just played with the kids. So much fun! We made up silly songs including the "I'm a drummin' on your belly" that had the three of up bopping eachother on the head and stomach to a tune the girl came up with.

You would be even more amused or bewildered at this afternoon's antics if you were privy to the games I played 12 hours prior with a slave that I walked into a magazine shop with so he could pull some cash out of the ATM. We stood next to the porno racks and there were The Vault and Dominant Mystique. I asked him if he was familiar with these magazines or had ever bought one. He told Me he had looked at them but never bought one. I whispered something about him not having the balls to do it on his own. I then instructed him to purchase the Vault and then Thank Me. As the counter guy made his change, he turned to Me, inclined his head and nearly whispered, "thank you for giving me permission to buy this magazine...Mistress" As the counter guy handed him back his change, the guy said thanks, to Me not My slave.


Good News & Bad News

I finally did it. I joined a gym and worked out for the first time in a very long time. An old friend, who is a personal trainer, is training Me. It is exciting! I've never used a personal trainer on a regular basis and I really think that I can and will stick with it.

For the first time in many years I had a disappointing session. So many things went wrong. But really and clearly the primary issue was that My client would not let go and enjoy himself. His body was with Me (as evidenced by his erection throughout) but his mind was not. During our initial consultation I had spoken with him about his fantasies, boundaries and past experiences (he neglected to mention that he had cut all three of his previous sessions short or that he had a foot fetish).

Safe words are rarely used in My sessions. When they are, for Me, it is an opportunity to converse about whatever has happened that is unacceptable. Roles are immediately dropped and bondage removed. I ask My clients not to use a safe word lightly, but only when they have a physical or psychological need that must be dealt with immediately.

He mercy'd Me THREE separate times in under 45 minutes! Add to that his annoying habit of trying to top Me from below by saying things like, "slap my face right now Mistress." Ugh, it just sucked. The worst part was that if he had just relaxed, trusted Me and allowed Me to guide him through, I really believe we could have had a satisfying session. I attempted a post-session chat, as much for Me to figure out where and how I could have improved out time together, as to help him better articulate his needs, should he ever see a pro-domme again. What I discovered is that he hates himself for his desires and therefore cannot allow himself to enjoy them except as a fantasy. The reality of realizing them with another person in the room freaked him out. So sad, in My opinion. I've always said that I'm not particularly interested in why I enjoy playing as I do, I'd rather concentrate on the how. Poor guy is so hung up on his personal "why", that he can't allow himself to surrender and enjoy My "how".


Brain in potential meltdown from more movie watching

My friend Jeni told Me that Jan 1st is national hang over day and invited Me over to curl up in bed, order chinese food, smoke obscene numbers of cigarettes and watch movies. What do you think I did? We watched Better Luck Tomorrow, Club Dread and I finally fell asleep during Jackass. I can't believe I'd never heard of Better Luck Tomorrow! You must know by now how much I love teen angst, gangster & Asian flicks, so a film about all three was so up My alley. I was mildly excited about Club Dred because it is from the same comedy group that made the hysterically funny Super Troopers and while Dread had its moments, overall I wasn't all that impressed.


Recent Entertainment: various forms

So maybe C wasn't the only movie freak in our relationship. Since wednesday I've seen School of Rock, Shaun of the Dead (again, C & I saw it in previews & I enjoyed it just as much the second time around), Resident Evil: Apocalypse (dunno why this got such bad reviews, maybe My expectations were low, but as all I expected were zombies, big guns and a scantily clad Mila, I was totally satisfied. BTW the other female lead was pretty hot too! And who goes looking for a decent plot in a flick based on a video game?) and I just finished the Finding Nemo dvd.

New Year's Eve was a relaxed and solo affair. I have time to read again and besides the Kellerman novel, I devoured The Birth of Venus and a JD Robb paperback while we were in Anguilla. Since I've been back I stopped at the Strand and picked up The Crimson Petal and the White as well as another Kellerman. It is so great to discover an author late enough in his career that you have dozens of titles to choose from rather than having to anxiously await new releases. The last author I felt this way about was R.K.Narayan.

I have a new client with whom I think I will be playing with for a long time. I was able to weed through his experiences, desires and fantasies to create an intense, boundary-pushing yet safe session. He had done wrestling sessions previously, but I think no one had ever taken the time to figure out that he desired as much a psychological overpowering as a physical. I had a lot of fun with him. It was good to remember that mental bondage can be as intense (though thoroughly different) as physical bondage. I must admit that there was something delectable about the fear that crossed his face when I strode across the room away from him, turned around, lit a cigarette and asked, "Do you trust Me?"