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I was given this article (hard copy)by the woman whose children I take care of daily. She knows about this blog and has even left a comment now and again. To my knowledge, her husband has never read it. I repeat, to my knowledge. It is however something to think about. How often do bloggers lose their jobs because their employers could no longer handle the dissolution of boundaries?



There's sooooo many things I want to write about but I haven't really had the time to organize my thoughts in front of a keyboard. I saw Murderball opening night and attended a q&a with the main character (are people in documentaries characters?) and directors. It is not a feel-good tearjerker about overcoming disabilities. At least the people profiled (except one with a childhood case of polio landing him in a wheelchair) were asshole adrenaline junkies before they broke their necks. This one got thrown off a deck while fighting, another thrown from a pickup when his best friend crashed driving home drunk. That said, I loved the way it was shot and really enjoyed it. Moving onto book recommendations, I am nearly done with the best novel I've read in years. Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. Go get it now.


You thought NY was small? Craigslist gets creepy...

Typically when answering or posting a personal ad I do not include a link to this blog. I also don't use myspace for dating. Sure I'm on there, I'm a geek, remember? But I'm not "friends" with anyone that I don't know in real life. My profile is under my real name and includes a link to this blog because anyone who knows me, knows what I do. OK, preface officially out of the way. Tonight I'm browsing CL men seeking women and some guy has included a link to his myspace page. What I'm certain he forgot is that on his blog he put a little "hey I moved" note with his new address. I suppose that was for housewarming gifts? Since obviously any of his friends on myspace couldn't just send him an email, right? But imagine my surprise when I read the studio address. This guy is two floors below me as I type. How serendipitous! and bizarre! I answer his ad and make note of the above. Obviously I scared the shit out of him, because not only did he not answer my email, the formentioned blog entry no longer existed five minutes after I sent my note.

Also of note regarding my last rant about online dating, I obviously jinxed myself because I haven't gotten laid (via online dating)since I posted that.


Dirty Panties For Sale! Get Yer Panty Fetish Filled Here!

I have a new business endeavor! I've been selling my dirty panties. I know selling used items is not a new thing for dommes. Someone I used to work with was selling vials of her piss via the internet 8 years ago (I just checked her current site to give the link but it seems she is no longer doing it). But this is different. These guys don't even know I'm a domme. I'm just a girl in Manhattan with damp panties who is willing to meet in a public place and hand them over for $50. It is shockingly easy, though there is some illicit thrill; at my first sale I laughed and said I felt like I was doing a drug deal or something. As far as I know this isn't illegal. My first customer has already requested a second pair! He was so sweet and while I think we were both awkward for a moment (we met up on the street in Rockfeller Center)the exchange went smoothly and less than five mintues after jumping out of a cab, I was walking down the street with two twenties and a ten in my pocket. The next day I received the following note:
Just wanted to let you know the panties are GREAT! When I got back into my office, I shut the door and sniffed your sweet juice for a few minutes and then rubbed it all over my cock. Then when I got home I put them on and wore them around the house for a while. We'll have to meet again soon...
I've been so excited and amused about this project that I've told practically everyone I know. My friend's responses vary. A totally vanilla female friend was incredibly skeeved. "He has your DNA!" she shrieked. I highly doubt that cloning is on his to do list. My male friends are particularly intrigued with the potential for profit. Much more than my female friends, they've asked how many inquiries I've received, how much the panties cost, how long I need to wear them, can I sell more than one pair a day?