A Plan Is In Place!

Farewell NYC. In less than two weeks I'm headed to San Francisco! I've never been, but have been told most of my life that I would love it there, so...I'm going to try it out.


I never really left...

It just was most appropriate for me to have a low public profile. I've continued to play with a select few clients and friends but am once again ready to add to that roster. I'm excited about playing with new people and am quite curious what the current pro-scene is like. I spent most of the summer out of the US bouncing around Thailand (yes AGAIN--I do love it there!) and Indonesia. I may only be in NYC for a few months, I'll update as my travel plans coalesce. I know that I really am not interested in another cold NYC winter.


the next step

If you are reading this, you are someone I actually know and for some reason or another trust. My vanilla career path has led me to a place where Octavia may no longer exist on the internet. This is an exciting and wonderful time for me.