I have arrived, via Vegas though.

I missed My flight to Salt Lake City, but have no fear, it isn't like I just went home, not Me...I went to Vegas! I spent 8 hours in various casinos as well as all of My spending money for Salt Lake! Of course! I had a great time though and had those kind of magical adventures that always seem to happen to Me. These mountains are gorgeous! Two other times I have been confronted with startling natural beauty and could only describe it in terms of magnificent man-made creations. The first was My freshman year of college when I looked up at the night Vermont sky and said aloud, "It's just like the Hayden Planetarium!" Or, a year later, I was living in Hawaii and the combination of lush jungle and barren volcano rock seemed like Epcot or something from a theme park.


Outlaw Sex Temple

I totally forgot to mention that this evening, I will be attending the Outlaw Sex Temple. I caught a preview of one of the performances when they were rehearsing over at the studio the other night and I have one word for you: H-O-T! Leda put this night together and everyone knows that woman can throw a party.

I Want. I Want. I Want.

Earlier this evening I stumpled upon an item that I want so badly you can not possibly imagine. THE BLACK IPOD. The client I saw tonight promised it to Me. We'll see if he comes through. He actually seemed to think he could get one before the official November 22nd release. As previously stated, we shall see. The other material item I am currently salivating over and most likely going to purchase this afternoon, is My very first pair of Gucci heels. They are amazing. Think black leather clog, Gucci buckle and 5 inch wooden stilletto heels. I am being reasonable about this. I tried them on last Sunday. I didn't buy them that day because a-they are $150 (fuck you, that is a bargain, we are talking genuine Gucci!) b-they are actually half a size too small. They feel fine on, however my heel hangs over the edge just the tiniest bit. So, if Gabay's hasn't already sold them to some other shoe/label whore, they will be MINE!


Mormons and homeless cats

Of course I do have a bit of trepidation about being surrounded by Mormons. I feel pretty confident that I will stand out. Between My Jewish horns and the brand on My forehead that reads "Agnostic Heathen"....but really, religious repression just breeds kink, right? So maybe I'll do some sessions while I'm out there.

On another front, a phone client requested a task from Me. I told him to go to a shelter, rescue a cat and devote himself to caring for her as he wishes to care for Me. On one hand, I may have just helped save a cat's life. On the other hand, what if his obsession with Me dwindles and this poor cat is stuck in an unloving home?


Invading Mormon Territory

I suppose the most exciting thing going on right now, is that I am invading Mormon territory next weekend. Yes, you interpreted that correctly, I'm going to Salt Lake City, Utah. Random destination, you say? yes, very. A friend from high school is going out there on business for a conference and has invited Me along to partake in the ever popular luxury hotel suite paid for by work. What will I do while I'm out there? Fuck if I know, but getting out of NYC for a few days sounds terrific, I've never been there before and why not?


The BEST rant ever re: Aunt Flo

OK, I'm lifting this link from Mistress Matisse's Journal. I could not resist sharing this hysterical rant on that time of the month. For the record, if any of you care, I use tampons, ob, always have. Since My very first period. Have I ventured into way too much info land? Sorry. Heh.

Back to Basics

Tonight I'll be attending Evita's Back to Basics party at Arena. It has been a very long time since I last attended a play party. So long in fact I think it was before Elle retired. She was My best friend and partner in crime back then. She is now however, corporate, married, pregnant, shopping at Nordstrom's and an entirely different entity.


BDSM gets political, well not really.

So this is what it is like to have a social life! I've been so busy I haven't updated in nearly a week. Much has and will be happening. Let's see, I saw My first (I think) blog inspired client. He was a novice and after reading Brain Bleed, decided to see Me for his first session. Honestly it was terrific. I had gone into My consult with him with just the vaguest indication of his interests from the phone girl: wrestling and foot worship. We chatted for a bit and he suggested a RNC themed role-play. He would be a delegate named Jimmy Bob, a god-fearing Christian hardware store owner who thought he had booked an appointment with a prostitute, but as he put it, "would instead get the tables turned on him." I had so much fun with this session! My only wish was that I had known beforehand so I could have prepped with some politcal knowledge, since I am sinfully ignorant in that area. Even without my shoes I towered over him and I worked female supremacy, overpowerment, blackmail, humiliation and conspiracy into our play. I love a creative role-play and I think we both really got into this one. It actually reminded Me of a link I received via the NYC-g33ks mailing list.

Last night I stopped at the shop to pick up lizard food and went into Doc Holliday's, I thought, just to use the bathroom. I ended up drinking through closing and going over to an old co-worker's place to watch Kill Bill volumes 1 and 2 consecutively. It was so great to a-finally see those flicks, b-see them back to back (all those poor people who ran to the theater and the had to wait for the second one to get released!) c-see them with someone who also had somehow mangaed not to see them yet.

As a random aside, can I not set foot in an East Village bar without running into another Pro-Domme? Yesterday I met Gisselle and tonight I ran into Harlequinn. I suppose it is another one of those thematic things and as I plan to attend at least three fetish related events before the end of the month, I'm sure I'll be seeing many more. I'll plug those events later this week, I can't be bothered to hunt up their links just now.

Oh yeah, I'm "original/quality" according to Jane's guide! I'm so flattered!


Caution Required for My Vanilla Friends....

OK, is there a post about Me on Max Fisch that I don't know about? Serendipitously, as I am newly available for sessions again, my appointments have skyrocketed! Maybe the phone girls are selling Me more? But at least three of My clients this week specifically requested Me. Hooray! It is great to be back in the saddle again. I had a session the other night with a client i have written about before, Lollypop Boy. We've known eachother a long time and I have definitely expanded his boundaries more than once. However this last session, we actually did something I had never done before. (Imagine that!)The following will be a graphic description of our session toghter, so Vanilla Friends, exit now, before I've scarred you for life. Lollypop Boy has done crossdressing, humiliation, anal and ass/foot/leg worship scenes with me for a long time. I'm pretty sure that I have used a strap-on on him previously, but I honestly don't remember. I know for certain I've had him worship (ie: kiss, lick and suck) dildos previously, and for all the things I've stuck up his ass, I really don't remember actually fucking him with a strap-on. The dungeon is definitely a place to learn new things. I've used strap-ons before, but for some bizarre reason I never realized you could have anal sex facing each other. With boyfriends I had always received it doggy style and I brought that experience into the dungeon with Me. Our session began with him excitedly showing Me what he had brought for Me. A Diet Pepsi (my beverage of choice, so it was a thoughful gesture and he apologized for not remembering what brand of cigarettes I smoked and promised Me a pack of Camel Lights for next time), a single red rose, several large bananas, a small package of Ferro Rocher Chocolates and as I discovered later, after he had left, a package of Breath Savers. Was that for Me too? I admit I was slightly taken aback by the chocolates. As delicious as they are, with their bumpy brown exterior and his propensity for ass play, I momentarily feared that he was going to ask me to simulate some kind of scat scene. But he had no requests of that nature, only to be taken anally (sp?) by Me. I strapped on a black latex dildo, in consideration of the fact that this might be his first ass fucking with something that wasn't food related, I chose a smaller one. We spent some time with him adoringly watching Me eat one of the chocolates and a banana. When I walked out of the room to find an unlubricated condom for him to suck My strap-on, we played a game I've used for years when I need to momentarily leave a session. I tell My client to come up with five adjectives to describe Me and three to describe themselves. It is always interesting to see which words they use after the obligatory beautiful/sexy/gorgeous etc. Unfortunately I can't recall which words he chose the other day. Forgive Me if I rush the story along a bit now, but I am getting sleepy. Once I had positioned him on the floor, vulnerable and exposed with his legs bent and spread, I pulled on a pair of latex gloves, lubed up a couple of fingers and went exploring. I curled My fingers toward his stomach while they were inside him and massaged what I believe was his prostate. I've always found it amusing that the pad of flesh inside a man's ass that will make him writhe when stimulated is basically in the same location the g-spot supposedly is in women. Once I had loosened him up a bit, I put his ankles by My shoulders and entered him. I started gently and slow. I began fucking him harder with little endearing epithets. "I'm fucking you like a bitch, Aren't I? Are you My bitch?" "Yes I am your Bitch, Octavia. I am Octavia's Bitch." "Yes slut, you are My bitch." As I was pumping away at him, it occurred to Me that I was beginning to work up a sweat. Why was I working so hard? I then said, "Slut, it is time to change positions. I am going to lay down and you are going to ride My cock like the filthy slut you are. You had better not let it slip out while we move, or I will really punish you." And so I found myself laying on the floor of the dungeon with My hands behind My head and Lollypop Boy bouncing on My latex cock. It was a revelation. No wonder guys always want women on top! There was practically no effort required on My side from that position. What had started to become grueling work, became effortless.


File Under: Only Me....

SO this afternoon I was running errands in midtown when I did something that is totally typical for Me, but probably unheard of for normal people. Don't get so excited. I didn't say it was perverted! SO I am walking past some major transportation hub (I think Port Authority, but I can't remember) and I see a cop with a german shepard. As I always do, I approach the cop, gestured to the pup and said, "Hi, I know he is working, but can I give him some love?" And as usual, the cop says "Go ahead." I extend My hand palm up to introduce Myself to the dog and his huge wet nose pushes around My palm. Once he has given Me a decent sniff, I give him a scratch behind the ears and along his neck. As many dogs do, he continues sniffing Me as I pet him and chat with his owner/partner. As the shepard is strongly and continuosly sniffing up and down the pant leg of My jeans, it dawns on Me that the last time I wore these jeans I was sitting on a friend's bed watching her snort lines of coke. Those of you who know Me, know that I don't do anything that goes up My nose or in My veins (yeah yeah, I know that leaves crack smoking wide open). However the jeans that I was wearing had just recently been in very close promixity to some cocaine. I had the mildest flutter of panic. Maybe some fell on the bed and ground into My jeans. Maybe the dog was only trained to sniff for bombs, not drugs at all. I have no idea, but I quickly said, "Gotta go." to the cop and "Bye cutie." to the dog. And walked away thinking, "Damn I am a dumbass. Note to self: in the future, do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT approach potential drug sniffing dogs when your clothing may have trace amounts of illegal substances on them."