Four Months Later...

So...um...I kinda lied in my last post. Not entirely, as I hadn't made a decision yet, but I no longer live in Manhattan. I now live full-time in a tiny town in the Hamptons. For reasons that I couldn't completely explain even if I wanted to, I canceled my dream trip to Asia in order to manage a bar in a small, primarily seasonal, town.

It seemed to make sense at the time. This new job was just something I wanted to do. I planned the Asia trip craving new stimulus and a change of scenery and I got those things, just not at all in the package I expected.

In some ways, every day feels like a role play scenario where I'm cast as the tough bar manager chick. But then this whole business seems entirely natural to me.

It is weird to be "in the closet." In NYC everyone who knows me, knows who I am and what I do in terms of being a Domme, however here, NO ONE knows who I really am, but since it is a small town EVERYONE knows who I hung out with last night, where I work and what my name is.

I finally found a play partner and though he is a novice, his interest is sincere and he suffers beautifully for me.