This week in fetish

Sunday night I unintentionally ended up at Byte. I live on the same block. Month after month I'm headed home and suddenly there's fetish on my block. I always find it slightly disconcerting. It is also amusing how some people don't even recognize me out of gear. But this time, I was locked out of my apt and after hanging around outside for awhile waiting for someone to come in or out of my building, I finally just went in for a drink. Many of the usual suspects were there. I chatted briefly with Harlequinn, Domina M and Cyber. I spent more time with Ardenne. She was carrying the most magnificent crop. I finally met Troy Orleans, she actually recognized me while I was having a smoke and introduced herself. In some ways it is bizarre to be at a fetish event in a t-shirt, denim skirt & cowboy boots. On the other hand, I'm a domme regardless of what I'm wearing.

On Monday I sessioned with the victim I'll be using for tomorrow's demo at Rapture. He was great fun to play with, but we actually got along so well and were chatting so much that I had to tell him to shut up because our conversation was distracting me from our play.

Tonight I dropped a hundred bucks in less than ten minutes buying stockings over at The Sock Man. I got old fashioned cuban heels, fishnets, thigh highs and traditional black stockings galore. As I don't have any stocking fetishists booked for this week, it was a kinda frivolous purchase, but honestly I just couldn't resist.



So...thanks for the responses regarding my demo, I think I've settled on a victim. I just came across this and think I may need to attend. Afterall, the violet wand is a tesla coil. Who is this woman claiming to be NYC's tesla queen? That's ME damn it!!!
The LAST TESLAMANIA EVER!!!!!! “Bitchin” “Totally radical, braugh” “Heavy stuff, man” “This is the ultimate” "Gecko tends to perform loads of weird science, typically with one or both of the Tesla coils in house with cybertronic themes, breaking down the barriers between, science, sex and nature." audience responses

The mistress of the Tesla Coil and co-director of Collective:Unconscious, Gecko Saccomanno, is moving away, so this will be her very last show ever. For 5 years she has been WOWing you with all things Tesla in the longest running tribute to the forgotten genius and inventor Nikola Tesla....TESLAMANIA!!!

See the largest Tesla Coil on Manhattan-Electric bolts with a 6 foot span. Watch electric bolts shoot from lobster claws + out of flowers, as neon tubes glow from across the room!! Smell the fresh scent of ozone!!!

Come join her, plus Tesla master Jamie Mereness + the Most Special of Special
guests the Galorious Missy Galore for one last BLAST!!!!!!

Friday September 16th 7.30 pm
Collective Unconscious
279 Church

reservations 212 254 5277

Free Heavy Medical Training want it?

I saw the opening midnight showing of Corpse Bride and without admitting to resurrecting my adolescent gothiness, I adored it!!! But moving onto something a touch more hardcore. I will be hosting a medical training session involving sounds, catheters, piercings and an enema. Unfortunately I do not yet have a test subject (victim?). I am well experienced in the forementioned procedures, thus I will be showing several newer dommes my techniques as well as allowing them to try them under my supervision. Is invasive heavy medical and exhibition your thing? Email me immediately and an incredible multi-domme session is yours at no charge.


Oysters and Electric Blue Latex on the roof

The funk of my last post only lasted a day, sorry to have left the blogosphere under the impression that I was still stuck in an introspective slump. Actually life has been quite grand. One of the ways that might best be illustrated is that I've had oysters four times in the last seven days. I highly recommend all of the following restaurants: Blue Ribbon, Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar, Marlow & Sons and Balthazar.

I did a photoshoot on the Arena roof with Ingela. Not only is she incredibly hot, as evidenced below, she's just as good on the other side of the lens. Most amusing though is that at the moment this shot was taken, in her breathy, ever-so sexy Swedish-accented voice, she is saying to me, "Close your eyes. Open your mouth. You are in ecstasy! Show me ecstasy!"
ps...The Trainer receives full credit for the state of my legs in this photo, see going to the gym pays off!

I've finally done a bit of updating to my professional site AND I'll be guest Mistressing at The Den of Iniquity in Los Angeles October 10th-13th. Aren't you excited? I am!!!


nothing sexy just a bit of self head shrinking, feel free to check back in a day or two for something more interesting.

I've had several sessions recently that probably warrant posts, but I'm just not in a sexy story mood tonight. I fear I might be getting depressed again. It could just be a premenstrual thing or a caffeine & sugar high & low thing, but in the last two days my moods have swung so high and then relatively low. It is nowhere near debilitating (because I've been there and remember how that felt). It is just sad and somewhat empty. It may also be in reaction to the fact that I've recently done some very adult /take care of myself things and lest I allow myself to actually move forward, a few self-sabotaging moves are now in order, of course. But overthinker that I am, I'm aware of all of the above. Which leaves me on the deck of the beach house, friday night, one am, labor day weekend chainsmoking and trying to sort it all out.

In about two weeks it will be a full year since I left Craig. About a month ago, it was four years since my mother died. I still haven't gotten her gravestone erected. Obvious psychological block compounded by guilt. I turned 30 about four months ago. There are so many dumb little things that we make our personal landmarks in time. Lola (my french bulldog godchild) may be pregnant and one of the puppies may be marked for me. So in about two months I may have a french bulldog puppy. As if I were ready for that kind of responsibility!