In case you were wondering...

I'm not only alive, but pretty happy these days. I guess I'm currently retired. I'm only in the city on Mondays and as much as I love to play, more often than not I find myself turning down sessions (even with my beloved regulars, so don't be offended, it's really not personal). I'm still out on the East End of Long Island through the Fall. THEN the dream trip to Asia will finally happen. Afterward, I'll be moving back to NYC, so sessions will probably resume in early 2009. Be patient. Isn't serving me worth the wait?

Life out here has finally fallen into place. I've made friends, I'm still a workaholic, but things make much more sense these days. So...this blog may get resumed, but there won't be any sexy BDSM stories for awhile. I've got some great drunk people in the bar ones though.