Not so sexy...the record shop got a 3 day notice

Sorry I haven't been around much the last few days. HIGH stress at the record shop. As of Feb 1st we will be four months behind on the rent and yesterday afternoon we received the dreaded three-day-notice. I love the shop so much. It has been open 24 hours a day for 8 years straight, it truly is an institution. I had planned to not mention which store I worked at here on the blog to avoid stalkers and the like, but whatever, I do NOT do sessions in the shop and if you really have the need to see Me in My natural environment, I assure you it will be dissappointing. Since the future feels pretty bleak right now and there is a frighteningly real chance that the shop may close, maybe you need or want something we've got...Accidental CDs, Records, Tapes and Books. The world's (as far as we know) ONLY 24 hour record shop! Current items generating much attention from the drunk masses on Avenue A are the KISS-opoly game

and the t-shirt showing George Bush dressed like Tupac with the caption: Only God Can Judge Me THUG LIFE. (once the battery recharges on My digital camera I'll post a pic).

On a brighter note, I've been offered relatively free reign of a tiny but well-equipped dungeon in midtown. It is the private play-space of a regular client of Mine. As he says, it is "woefully underused" so, I am now playing in both midtown and Soho! It was formerly an independent Domme's dungeon and when She left town, he took over the lease and kept it intact. I spent some time there recently without him, just to familiarize Myself with what toys were there and the layout. Honestly, I find it pretty exciting.


Let's go shopping!

I had two fun calls on my way to the shop this morning. Both are regular callers, but with very different scenes. "Krissy" is somewhere in the midwest and very much desires strict guidance toward becoming a crossdresser. "She" has called Me at least half a dozen times constantly working up the nerve to buy a sexy outfit to wear. We've gotten as far panties and stockings; but perhaps this evening Krissy will finally get out of the car parked in the mall lot and go into the shops. The plan is for Me to accompany Krissy on the shopping spree via cell phone. I will direct her to find a short slutty skirt and a tight shirt. I think heels are an absolute necessity, but I don't know what size range they'll have available. This client is both entertaining and exciting for Me because I really believe that this task will be a struggle for krissy, but ultimately very rewarding.

I tend not to do actual domination via the phone. What's the point? How am I to know if he is kneeling or not touching himself? With men who actually play, it becomes more of a pre-session consultation. Tell Me about your interests and experiences and I'll tell you a bit about Mine. Many times it becomes something of what I imagine a regular phone sex call is like, but instead of describing vanilla sex acts, I will use descriptions of an intense caning or the transformation of crossdressing as foreplay.


Am I obessessed with the ladies of the night?

As a domme, I do not have sex with my clients. No handjobs, no blowjobs and obviously no fucking. However between the blogs of belle de jour and ratty's ghost I'm getting quite the education. As previously stated elsewhere in this blog, I am always interested in sane and intelligent sex workers. So I give to you, ratty's Answers to All Your Brothel Questions.


Multiple people have suggested that I use a pseudonym. Along with comments like, "What if your clients google you?" I'm not worried about it. I rarely have anything negative to say about my clients and if/when I do, I don't tend to hesitate to share my displeasure with them. Honestly, I love my clients. The best way to describe it is that I do believe that submission is a gift and I admire the courage these men have to live out their fantasies. Hell, I know and understand them intimately in a way that most of their wives/girlfriends and best friends don't even know them! After a good session my mood is fantastic and on the rare occaision a session goes poorly, I take it personally.

I have only once felt that hatred and disrespect that is commonly felt by sex workers toward their clients. He was a regular phone client at the time and I earned sometimes as much as a grand a week from him when his wife was out of town. One night we were in the middle of a multiple girl scene when his young daughter knocked on his bedroom door. He had us hold while she came in the room. She was sick, I can't even remember what she had, probably some basic little kid illness like a cold or tummy-ache, but what she wanted at that moment was her father's attention and instead of giving it to her, he got back on the phone with us and spent at least another 45 minutes in his fantasy while she knocked on the door every 10 to 15 minutes. His calls were often 3 or 4 hours long, so it wasn't like we had just begun. I suppose it is one of my few regrets that I completed the call rather than dropping out of character and telling him to get his fucking priorities in order. Of course I know you can't tell anyone how to raise their children or pets and that my intense reaction was probably tied up in daddy issues of my own.


So, if I had more time, I would tell you all about the terrific foot session I did yesterday evening with a sweet HOT Brazilian guy over at Arena. Alas, I do not so instead I offer you a link pilfered from Dana about a new porn mag: Sweet Action Here's how they describe their mag:
Sweet Action is a porn magazine for women who love men. It features pornography in a non-stereotypical way, providing a forum for women that, in our opinion, currently does not exist. Sweet Action wants to eliminate the notion that women are physically more visually stimulating than men, and that women don't want to see naked men.

We hope to focus on REAL men with REAL personalities, fantasies, and bodies. You won't see oversculpted, shaved, "fluid-drenched studs". You WILL see hot, sweet cuties who look more like "the guy next door". Don't be shy because there will be some full frontal nudity (oh MY!)

Today’s Sweet Action sexy guy is the one sitting across from you on the subway who is so hot you can’t even look at him... He's the guy at work who makes you laugh so hard that you can’t wait to get to work everyday... He's the one you want to get to know but are too shy to approach. They are all Sweet Action guys -- the regular, beautiful ones all around us. Best of all, Sweet Action guys love us.


Maybe I've been reading Taking Dictation (the office sex blog) too much. I had a little bit of a freaky clash of worlds today. I allowed a slave to deliver a gift to Me at the record shop. We had agreed beforehand that there would be no public humiliation and that subltety and discretion was key for both of us. He bought Me a very hot pair of fire-engine red ankled strapped and open toed stilettos. They look like these but are RED:

I love them and can't wait to wear them. I'm going to need to get a red pedicure to complement them. He also brought Me new (warm and dry!) socks as this completely shitty weather had soaked right through My sneakers and socks. He also bought sushi for My dinner. All in all a lovely little encounter. He wore a collar under his scarf and silky black panties with a pvc garter and stockings beneath his regular clothes. He carefully shifted his clothing around to show Me that he had obeyed My clothing requests. He was very excited about meeting Me and bizarrely enough I found Myself nervous. We got along terrifically on the phone, how would our chemistry be in person? It went well, and I think we were both pleased with the outcome. Also of note is the experience of meeting with a submissive as a Domme while not in full on D-I-V-A state. I was at the shop, wearing no makeup with jeans and sneakers. For some, the fantasy of Me as unattainable, uber-bitch or perfect woman is compromised by the idea and certainly the reality of seeing Me in street clothes. Do they really believe that every Domme totters around in corsets and 6-inch heels all day? For others, it is infinitely MORE exciting to know that the totally "normal" looking woman knows Her way around a whip. I've only ever done one session where I went straight from the street into the dungeon wearing the same clothes. I was wearing a brown velvet swing dress with long sleeves and a mock turtleneck. It was so long ago I can't recall the actual scenario but I had seen the client several times before and whatever his scene was, it didn't matter what I was wearing.


Finally convinced my computer to allow me to listen to the kexp stream again. The station is out of Seattle and I was cordially introduced to it last winter by my friend and former co-worker R, when we worked the overnight together. I admit that last year I developed a minor crush on the morning dj, aptly named Johninthemorning. Obviously I am not alone as he has attained cult-like status among his fans. They (we?) are called The Morning Faithful. He has great taste in music and was always friendly during our email correspondance while I played the usual geeky game of trying to appear cool by making obscure requests. C hated him and cut on his on-air skills all the time. I suspect he was a touch jealous. C & I both have college radio background and I do have a history of picking up radio djs by calling into their shows. I was a founding member of 88.9FM WHIP (and no, I actually had nothing to do with choosing the call letters!) and C was station manager at 87.9FM WBMB for close to a decade during the eighties when college radio was "relevant." Over the last two days JITM has been playing amazing covers. I began thinking about my favorite cover tunes and will actually compile the list for you here, in no particular order:

Gary Jules--Mad World (Tears For Fears)
Cake--I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor)
Johnny Cash--Hurt (NIN)
Ryan Adams--Wonderwall (Oasis)
Ben Lee--Anything, Anything (Dramarama)
Polysics--My Sharona (The Knack)
Depeche Mode--Route 66 (Bobby Troupe)
Revolting Cocks--Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? (Rod Stewart)
The Langley School Music Project--Innocence and Despair (the whole album):
1. Venus and Mars/Rock Show (Paul McCartney & Wings)
2. Good Vibrations (The Beach Boys)
3. God Only Knows (The Beach Boys)
4. Space Oddity (David Bowie)
5. The Long and Winding Road (The Beatles)
6. Band On The Run (Paul McCartney & Wings)
7. In My Room (The Beach Boys)
8. I'm Into Something Good (Earl-Jean/Herman's Hermits)
9. Saturday Night (Bay City Rollers)
10. I Get Around (The Beach Boys)
11. Mandy (Barry Manilow)
12. Help Me, Rhonda (The Beach Boys)
13. Desperado (The Eagles)
14. You're So Good To Me (The Beach Boys)
15. Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond)
16. To Know Him Is To Love Him (Teddy Bears)
17. Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac)
18. Wildfire (Michael Martin Murphy)
19. Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft (The Recognized Anthem of World Contact Day) (Klaatu/The Carpenters)

Jaymz Bee & the Deep Lounge Coalition--Sub Urban (is it lame of me not to narrow it down and claim another whole album?) You need to understand that we are talking about r&b, rap and reggae done as lounge. There's something very special about his cover of Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me."

I am fully aware that sampling a song is NOT covering it, but I think DJ Z-trip's mix of Midnight Oil's Beds Are Burning laid over Metallica's For Whom the Bell Tolls basically creates a whole new version of the song. This is MY list anyway so fuck y'all if you don't approve!

I realize that this list could get VERY long, so in the interest of getting SOMETHING done at the shop today, I will end here. However, I have an assignment for you...what's your favorite cover? I know at least a few people read this blog everyday, but no one ever comments! I'm lonely, it is time for a little audience participation!


Due to inquiries from my staff at the shop with local junkies about scoring some oxy, I decided to do a little research. I found Once you get there, scroll down for the good stuff, like this:
The site is from a woman whose son ODed on a combo of Xanax, oxy & alcohol. But my fun fact of the day is that 5mg of OxyContin is equivalent to 1 whole Percocet, so a single 80mg oxy pill (a commonly prescribed stength) is equivalent to 16 PERCOCETS!!! Even I know that is some intense painkiller use and since it is common to take vicodan/valium/percocets along with liquor or beer, if these kids do the same thing with oxy, at least according to this site, they will die. Holy Shit! If nothing else this whole little episode made me feel old. I'm only 28, but pretty removed from the party/street drug circuit. I'd never even heard of OxyContin, much less knew it was available on the street.


I forget all the proper bloggy terms for garnishing my blog with a link I found at another blog, but this was too good not to share and if I fucked up any of the ettiquiette, sorry! via Dana, Smitten tells us i learned it by watching you! Or, factors to consider when shopping for adult entertainment in pairs:


Life is SO SO GOOD! Last night I had a live financial domination session. It was easy, fun and totally profitable. How was I a pro-domme for so many years without ever even hearing about this fetish? He was a phone client from keen. We've spoken several times over the last 2 weeks and yesterday he finally got together the balls and the money to see me in person. He had inquired about paying via credit card and while the dungeon does take CCs, cash is always preferable, so I purred into the phone, "You could pay by cold impersonal plastic, but I think it would be a much better idea for you to go to the ATM and pull out as much casssssssh as it will let you." So after he paid for the session and we had begun, I reached into his pocket, removed his wallet and slid out a twenty. I handed it back to him and told him to run it along my neck. He rubbed the bill along my neck and shoulder while I said stuff like, "Money is so so sexy, don't you think?...I love the way it feels against my bare skin...lift up your shirt Mike, I want you to know how hot this twenty feels against your chest." Then I stuffed the bills into my cleavage and pushed my breasts together and asked him, "Doesn't this look hot? Wouldn't it make a really sexy photo?" He stammered "y-y-yeah." Then I said, "Isn't it even hotter knowing that this money used to belong to you?" He sighed and let out a long slow "yeeaaaaaah." Understandably I was in a terrrific mood last night.

This morning I got up at the crack of dawn to head over to the NYC Department of Health for my long overdue HIV test & STD screening. This visit was more for my friend J who is a 23 year old sexually active gay male in NYC and he's never been tested for HIV. When he told me last week that he'd never been tested I yelled at him and then agreed to go with him. More on that story later.


Had a lovely Sunday! Actually slept in, woke up on my own, no alarms, phones or boyfriend prodding me. Got up, had brunch over at Lotus Club by myself, bought really expensive conditioner and a new comb, then proceeded to spend the next 2 hours detangling my hair. I actually got sort of metaphysical about it. Thinking about each strand and how much they wanted to be free and long rather than knotted and therefore short. Then C came home, we cuddled, talked about last night's fight and then had some really excellent messy sweaty sex, marring my perfectly clean and freshly showered self. Then I threw on some comfy old clothes and did a batch of laundry. Now I'm at the shop and feeling inexplicably nauseous. Got a repeat keen call tonight from the guy who plans to break up with his girlfriend so he can belong to me completely. We had a really fun session where I asked him what his most prized possession was and when he told me it was his tennis court, I threatened to drill holes in it and cover it with gravel. The other day I had another fun call with a guy who has a foot/shoe fetish but he actually was fantasizing about taking it a step further. Going shoe shopping with me and having me "force" him to worship my feet right there in the middle of the shoe shop. Talk about public humiliation. Honestly it sounds fun, I would totally do that, I mean fuck, this is New York, like anyone would even look twice!


This afternoon C & I saw The Man Who Fell To Earth up at the Walter Reade Theater. We drove at warp speed--we made it from Union Square to Lincoln Center in exactly SIX MINUTES! Though our travel time was exceptional, it was a combination of the bike, C driving as if he were playing a video game and hitting that perfect rhythm of green light after green light.