Wow, it is always like this isn't it? Enough is finally happening in my life to warrant comentary and I'm just too
busy for it.
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The Ghost of Ska Past

I've only got a few minutes to write, as I am completely swamped at work and have set up some totally ridiculous goals for myself to complete before I leave for Phoenix on Saturday. So here it is. Once upon a time I was in college in Vermont and I spent an obscene amount of time on IRC, primarily on the ska channel. Turns out that the new guy at work was not only in those rooms the same time I was, but I remember him. In fact I thought he was the coolest thing ever. I even sent him a mix tape, but he never sent one back. Weird, weird, weird! It was so long ago, and he's the only person I really remember. But he had this great site all about (obviously) ska, I recall that he was scrawny with a blue mohawk, but looking at him now, I doubt he was all that scrawny. Bizarre how your impressions of a person can change. One minute I thought of him as nice enough to work with and mildly amusing, but no real connection as they say. But now my impression of him as a coworker is all mixed up with my happy positive recollections of that time in my life and ska and it is very strange...


I just finished Jennifer Weiner's In Her Shoes. I read her first novel a few weeks ago (Good In Bed) and loved them both. Maybe it's the smart, cool, pretty and not size 6 main characters. I cried a few times while reading it. The missing their dead mom scenes and the wedding scenes were really resonant for me. As my Mom has only been gone 15 months, that obviously makes sense. But I'm a tad bewildered at the wedding scenes. The same thing happened when I went to see Sweet Home Alabama (which I went to alone beacuse no one would come with). It isn't like I typically cry at real weddings, or am even all that emotionally effected by them at all. However in fiction, I fall right apart. With the Reese Witherspoon movie, it was the proposal scene that actually did me in. Besides the whole little blue box fantasy, I think I might just be a sucker for old fashioned, over the top, technicolor movie moment romance. I've had many moments in my life that were so movie like, one would think they were staged. Exhibit A being when I tried to convince my friend J that she really didn't want to leave NYC and took her out and about so she would know what amazingness she was leaving. I don't recall whatelse we did that day, but I still had a car and she had never had a frozzzzen hot chocolate from Serendipity (I would have put a link here but their site seems to be down). It was early spring and a gorgeous day. We could not find parking anywhere and I can not figure out why we didn't just order "to go." But I somehow convinced them to give us full table service on the roof of my car. So, we sat up there illegally parked on 60th street and the waiter and the busboy were thrilled to get outside. It was amazing. It was insane and totally typical of me at that time in my life. I was the kind of person that magic seemed to just happen around. Fun, outrageous and totally unpredictable. But somehow that never really figures into my lovelife. Except for my wild and promiscuous years. But even that was more like porn than Disney. I shifted from teen angst, to single girl in the big city to porn to a life no longer worthy of a cliched movie genre.