the RNC & Me

I'm still alive. I know a few of you were wondering. I've spent the last few months cocooned in the shop nearly (and sometimes literally) night and day. All week I've been asked if I'm going to the protests. Nope, I'll be at the shop. We've been doing a brisk trade in anti-bush t-shirts. The forementioned Only God Can Judge Me Thug Life and the slashed circle across George's face are our best sellers. Last night one of our staff members combined her exhibitionism with her ideals and a touch of capitalism. She worked the bulk of her shift dressed as follows:

Across her back, C wrote "Anti Bush t-shirts $15 plus tax." Her thug style tattoo reads "IDEALIST" The stickers read "Attention Republicans: Go Fuck Yourselves" they are promoting a song by The Greys and we've given away hundreds of them. Thanks to Thomas and his amazing fotolog for the image.