Because my boyfriend, best friend, boss & slave insisted...

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment. As a relatively self-sufficient adult woman, I usually go to the doctor by myself. However, this was a follow-up appointment for a biopsy because prior standard testing had come back abnormal. I was still prepared and planning on going alone, however my boyfriend, best friend, day job boss and slave ALL were really insistent that someone else come along. How often do you think that four people who hold such disparate positions in my life would all agree on the same position?


Yeah Yeah Yeah, I'm still here, just been kinda quiet lately

I'll admit that I knew it had been some time since I'd written a blog entry, but half year?!?!?!?! No...I didn't realize it had been that long.

The BIG News:

A-I am a NON-SMOKER! Yep, you read that correctly. I've renounced my formerly beloved camel lights. I've been smoke free since April 26th, since that's nearly two months ago, I'm confident it is going to stick. The only place I really even miss it at all is in session, bizarrely enough. Many of my clients (whether it was requested or not) could tell you how adept I was at cigarette torture. Much like the violet wand, I loved the sheer versatility of it, sensual one moment and searingly painful the next. But the truth is, I only smoked so much in session because I was addicted to nicotine. Or perhaps I just thought I was. Isn't the question you're dying to ask "How'd you quit?"

Here is where I insert the "I swear I'm not a hippie" clause. Because I assure you that if someone had just told me about EFT, I probably would have laughed. I remind you that beside the fact that I started smoking at age 11 and certainly smoked at least a pack a day for more than the last decade, I didn't really believe that I could or would quit until I was ready to have babies. Well, I'm not quite THERE yet, but I am a non-smoker.

So the bottom line is that Annie Siegel is a total miracle worker. Her specialties are stress and anxiety reduction, but as I can attest, she does amazing smoking cessation work.

B-Tickets have been purchased, itineraries are being planned...I have taken October & November of 2007 "off" from my life and will be wandering around SOUTH EAST ASIA!!!! So, clearly, I will not be available for session (or anything else really except temple visiting, elephant sanctuary visiting, custom clothing fittings, ridiculous spa experiences, etc) October 1st through December 3rd.

C-Time will clearly tell, but I think I'm ready to open a little window back into my life. Honestly, part of the reason my posts grew so sparse was that I just wasn't feeling particularly exhibitionistic. I began censoring myself based on who I thought my readers were and what they did or didn't want to hear. I am now firmly over that.