You thought NY was small? Craigslist gets creepy...

Typically when answering or posting a personal ad I do not include a link to this blog. I also don't use myspace for dating. Sure I'm on there, I'm a geek, remember? But I'm not "friends" with anyone that I don't know in real life. My profile is under my real name and includes a link to this blog because anyone who knows me, knows what I do. OK, preface officially out of the way. Tonight I'm browsing CL men seeking women and some guy has included a link to his myspace page. What I'm certain he forgot is that on his blog he put a little "hey I moved" note with his new address. I suppose that was for housewarming gifts? Since obviously any of his friends on myspace couldn't just send him an email, right? But imagine my surprise when I read the studio address. This guy is two floors below me as I type. How serendipitous! and bizarre! I answer his ad and make note of the above. Obviously I scared the shit out of him, because not only did he not answer my email, the formentioned blog entry no longer existed five minutes after I sent my note.

Also of note regarding my last rant about online dating, I obviously jinxed myself because I haven't gotten laid (via online dating)since I posted that.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, but how does that make us creepy?