Small Town Living

As a NYC native, I've never understood the appeal of "small town life." And though travel is my passion, I've always been happy to come home and felt that no place else could possibly qualify as "home." Well, that's starting to change! I'm not ready to leave NYC for good, but I'll be out on the East end through the summer.

I had the most amazing experience! Of the gadzillion things I'm responsible for, last week, one of them was filling out the paperwork to apply for permission to place tables outside of a cafe. When I had some questions about the form and called the "for assistance" number I ended up in the office of the Mayor with his secretary helping me fill out the form. You think Bloomberg's secretary can help you get a permit application filled out? AND I also had an experience where I witnessed a fight outside of a bar and called 911. In my life I've probably called 911 about a dozen times before, every time in NYC. Calling in a small town is a whole other experience. I told her where I was and what I'd seen. Her response? "No problem honey, you just hang out over there and I'll send one of the boys right over." Um, hello? I've practically had to beg for a police response on Avenue A in the middle of the night. And yes, the constable (not kidding) was there is less than five.

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emma's box said...

you don't know me but i have come to be a religious reader of your blog. i miss you when you are gone and i crave your updates. please update more frequently miss! :)