Besides seeing all those damn Asian flicks this week, I also got fucked out of a free advance screening of the HULK. I was a very cranky girl. We discovered an hour before the show that C had accidentally deleted the email that disclosed the secret location. We rode the motorcycle all over town with me dashing into over a dozen theaters to ask "Hey, are you doing a super-secret, AMMI members only screening of The HULK?" They all said no.

Fifteen minutes after the movie was scheduled to start, we gave up and as we cruised through Times Square I asked C if we could go to an arcade. He said he thought they had all been closed down and I whined in my head about how 42nd Street was so damn wholesome I couldn't even play graphic violent VIDEO GAMES! But then...he parked the bike by Port Authority because just outside the bowling alley there are still VIDEO GAMES! We did NOT play Dance Dance Revolution, but I did play a boxing game where you put on these huge rubber mitts and supposedly it tracks your ducking and blocking and you actually make punching movements to score. I knocked my guy out, but my heart was beating so fast after one round, I gave up the gloves to C. I promise I'm done babbling, but one of the BEST parts of this week is that I got a digital camera!!! Nikon coolpix 2500. I love it! here is a shot of someone playing that boxing game:

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