Bad bad blogger. nearly 2 months this time. Please ignore the previous rant. C had the date wrong, we did in fact get to see an advance screening of the Hulk and it sucked. As I ran around saying in the days that followed, "Bad CGI makes me angry...." The big news, are you ready? I joined OA last Saturday. For those who are not 12 step fluent, that's Overeaters Anonymous. Yep, that's right, my name is Sela and I am a compulsive overeater. I've commited to myself that I will do 90 meetings in 90 days and see where I am. I've been going to meetings for 5 days and I've been abstinent (that means eating according to my food plan) for 3. I got an interim sponsor at my first meeting and he seems terrific. I feel good, the meetings completely vary, as far as content and there are ones I like tremendously (no pun intended) and at least one that I will never go back to. Regardless, they are inspiring. I feel so text book about the whole thing. My mother totally fucked up my relationship with food, I've been on diets since I was 9, I'll eat really healthy and well in front of people and completely binge behind closed doors. I've met a few really supportive people that I feel I can trust and overall, so far, it is a great experience.

That being the big news, here is the big excitement: Snee and I are going away for the weekend! Complete luxury and pampering on the Jersey Shore. We are staying at the Grenville in Bay Head and getting the "A Day At The Sea" package over at the Sea Spa and Salon at The White Sands. I would have chosen to stay there, but they have a three night minimum, and we do not have that kind of time. The B&B that we are staying at is right by the beach and a short walk to the spa. I am completely psyched! I'm slightly concered about the OA thing and being away, she can and will eat anything she wants and I am typically very bad when I am with her, but I feel strong and I've looked up meeting info out there and I think I can make it.

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