Today I have seven days of abstinence, but due to my work schedule I will not make it to a meeting today. That sucks, is it totally selfish and egotistical to want that wild cheer because I haven't abused myself with food for a week? I used the phone tool for the first time yesterday with someone other than my sponsor. He had recommended 4 calls a day--one to someone in program longer than me, one with less time, a friend and him. Last night my phone rang and it was someone from OA! We chatted for about 20 minutes and I am SO grateful that she called me. I hit a meeting right after and left feeling really good. After the meeting i called a few other people whose numbers I took from we care books, but got 2 machines before I got a person. At first she seemed a touch uncomfortable with my call. We don't know eachother at all other than the 2 sentence exchange we had nearly 3 weeks ago when I took her number. But she quickly recalled me and after some fits and starts, we talked for about half an hour. Yay! I think it is really important to hear the different ways that people have experienced OA and their path to recovery. Are my three minutes up yet? Thanks and my favorite thing to hear at meetings is that little bit after the serenity prayer..."Keep coming back, it works if you work it, so bring a lot of love and don't pick up you're worth it."

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