Making Naughty Boys Cry...Again

So, I have this regular client that I do both phone and live sessions with. He is an intense masochist with a preference for whippy, stingy rattan canes. I would say he calls Me at least twice a week and after our regular chit chat catch up, we move into his scenario.

My voice becomes sweet, teasing, somewhat throatier and sometimes a bit singsongy.

"Tell Me, naughty boy, are you in need of punishment again?"

"Yes, Ma'am." he replies.

"I'm going to have to beat that naughty right out of you!"

"Is it going to really hurt?" his voice goes up in pitch practically to a whine.

"Yes, naughty boy, it will. The pain is going to be excruciating. And I will NOT stop until you are weeping and recanting your naughty naughty ways."

"Oh NO!" he exclaims. "Are you really gonna make me cry?"

"Most certainly naughty boy. In fact, once you begin crying, I'm going to laugh and hit you all the harder."

"Mistress, I'm scared. You are so cruel and so strict!"

"Yes naughty boy, I am."

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Anonymous said...

I would love to give my bottom up to you and would willingly let you make me cry