Not so sexy...the record shop got a 3 day notice

Sorry I haven't been around much the last few days. HIGH stress at the record shop. As of Feb 1st we will be four months behind on the rent and yesterday afternoon we received the dreaded three-day-notice. I love the shop so much. It has been open 24 hours a day for 8 years straight, it truly is an institution. I had planned to not mention which store I worked at here on the blog to avoid stalkers and the like, but whatever, I do NOT do sessions in the shop and if you really have the need to see Me in My natural environment, I assure you it will be dissappointing. Since the future feels pretty bleak right now and there is a frighteningly real chance that the shop may close, maybe you need or want something we've got...Accidental CDs, Records, Tapes and Books. The world's (as far as we know) ONLY 24 hour record shop! Current items generating much attention from the drunk masses on Avenue A are the KISS-opoly game

and the t-shirt showing George Bush dressed like Tupac with the caption: Only God Can Judge Me THUG LIFE. (once the battery recharges on My digital camera I'll post a pic).

On a brighter note, I've been offered relatively free reign of a tiny but well-equipped dungeon in midtown. It is the private play-space of a regular client of Mine. As he says, it is "woefully underused" so, I am now playing in both midtown and Soho! It was formerly an independent Domme's dungeon and when She left town, he took over the lease and kept it intact. I spent some time there recently without him, just to familiarize Myself with what toys were there and the layout. Honestly, I find it pretty exciting.

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