Nanny turned Interim Drug Dealer

I have returned to NYC. The casino at Maho Beach swallowed a couple hundred dollars of Mine, but I got "good play" at the blackjack tables. I have become an interim cigarette dealer since I returned. I bought around ten cartons as gifts, but due to financial hardship, oh like My rent, I've decided to give half cartons as gifts and sell the rest. Really, I paid approximately $10 a carton, packs cost $7.50 each here in NYC. Is it so wrong to charge strangers $5 and friends $3? Are five free packs not generous enough? I feel all dangerous approaching strangers to see if they want a pack. Law breaker!

Sorry the blog's been sorta quiet during the trip, I thought I would have volumes to say, but mostly I got a tan and was entertained by the kids. Of course no one ever comments, but I got some great email responses to the Da Vinci Code post including an offer from a slave to wear a cilice for Me until I returned! I explained how moronic that would be and I dare say I gave the pathetic loser a little shiver to be reprimanded by Me via email. I can imagine him reading this now in an internet cafe, barely able to contain himself that I have chosen to ridicule him for the entire web to see. He is primarily a human ashtray, however he has learned over time to serve in many capacities. Most recently I used him as a packhorse with no rewards. He sweat like a dog carrying boxes for Me for over 2 hours and then I dismissed him, without even offering him a glass of water.

I am SOOO ready to play! It has been too long! Hopefully My schedule this week will allow Me to take some of the appointments that have been piling up in My inbox while I was away.

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