Meanwhile, Back at the Dungeon....

So, the store's fate is still undecided. C went to court today and the judge wants two weeks to think over the case. Whatever that means! I had a live session last night with an long time regular. When he calls the studio to book his appointments, he refers to himself as "lollypop boy" because 5 or 7 years ago during one of our sessions I stuck a blowpop up his ass. Right now I have no explanation whatsoever about what a blowpop was doing in the dungeon or what possessed Me to fuck him with it, but he has never forgotten it. He tends to be a little overly touchy feely so he often ends up in some sort of bondage even though that isn't particularly his scene. Over the years I've picked up various food items at the bodega to torment him with, including chico sticks, beef jerky (the verbal during that sesion was hilarious: "You insignificant little slut, shake that ass for Me, or I'll shove more meat up it!") OK, maybe amusing only to Me, but I had a great time. Last night however, I decided to go back to basics and picked up 3 grape blowpops on My way to the dungeon. I never actually got around to fucking him with them. I let him watch Me suck one while he proclaimed his devotion and helplessness before Me while kissing My toes and legs. I usually close out his session by letting him kiss My ass through My panties or pantyhose. But last night for some unknown reason I was feeling generous and gave him extra ass adoration time. Maybe I was just feling lazy. "kiss My ass!" is MUCH less complex than applying his makeup, outfitting him in a wig and heels, either instructing him through humilating performances for My amusement or writing all over him in lipstick, "Octavia's SLUT" & "WHORE for hire"

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