About Last Night...

I've maintained for awhile that I no longer play on my own time. Over the last few months,I made a friend via this blog, another thing I have not been particularly interested in, as I have possibly more friends than I need. After a lengthy email correspondence and a phone friendship, we finally had a drink together last night. Less than an hour later he was naked, blindfolded and bound in my bed. Yet another "rule" broken. I typically don't drink & play (I'd only had one beer, it wasn't as though I was drunk).

It was good and fun and possibly an important experience for me. Our play was relatively brief, but intense (for both of us, I think). It was great to totally improvise as I had no toys at home. Rope bondage is not my forte, but it was nice to know that those skills aren't rusted out. Mac geeks will appreciate that I bound his wrists and ankles with the old style blue & white G3 power cords (translucent blue and quite thick). His bondage was not elaborate, but very secure. His descent into "subspace" was fast and deep, though he was relatively nonverbal, his body was very responsive. There was slapping, spanking, much pinching, hair pulling (and pulling out), fire and cigarette play. Our play was at times severe but always sensual. Granted, I am something of a safety nazi and I don't believe in permanent damage, but the awareness that I could truly do anything I wanted to him was incredible. I had only the vaguest sense of both his limits and interests. It was truly about me hurting him for my own pleasure and amusement. And that was hot.

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