LOLA!!!! Tickle Torture

There are few things as perfect as waking up to coffee that has already been made.

I'm dogsitting for Lola, the absolutely amazing and killer cute French Bulldog. She'll be with me tonight at the door of Rubbercat, if you'd like to meet her. Be forewarned, you will fall in love.

I had an amazingly fun session the other day. I've never listed tickle torture among my interests or specialites, but perhaps I should, now that I'm regularly sporting a set of talons. First off, my client was outrageously sensitive and very responsive to the lightest touch. I've always enjoyed sensation play and a responsive sub, but this guy was overwhelmed. I have such a long reach and while he was bound face down, the combination of my nails teasing behind his left ear at the same time as his right ankle had him pleading, begging and writhing. I so love to see that kind of helplessness! He never knew where I might touch him next; his fear and excitement were palpable.

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