Kicking Balls and Kicking his Stuff OUT!

The last two weeks have been overwhelmingly busy. I've done soooo many incredibly fun sessions! There was the return of JimmyBob complete with some very thoughtful props and inspired by my play earlier in the day: BALL KICKING!!! I had been a touch nervous about the appointment I had booked for that morning. My client was clear in his introductory email as well as subsequent appointment phone call that he was a ball busting fetishist. While I have done some over the years, I don't recall ever having been asked for a full hour of slamming my feet into anyone's scrotum. Me being me, I researched it. I read over reviews on Max Fisch, did some general web searching and called a few other Mistresses for tips. I was, of course, an absolute natural! Have you forgotten that I've been kickboxing for nearly a year? My favorite kick was basically a modified front kick, knee up and instead of striking with the ball of my foot, I'd slap with my instep. SO MUCH FUN!!!! I also really enjoyed sitting on the table and basically speed bagging his balls with alternating feet.

I'm normally available most of the time. I'm so lucky that my day job hours are utterly flexible. But I had to turn down three sessions yesterday. I spent the day moving my ex's belongings into storage. My apartment is mine again! This was not a box of photos and a few sweaters situation. I filled a 14 ft truck to move it all to a 10x15 storage space. My apt is practically empty! I feel like I just moved in. I'll be using a combination of professionals and cleaning slaves to get it inhabitable again. While I don't subscribe to the "Mistress as Divine Being" mindset, I assure you that you will never see me scrubbing the floor. Cleaning just isn't one of my skill sets. We had a cleaning lady during my formative years. I wonder if my mother even knew how to clean?

Also on the menu is renovation. Anyone know how to install pergo floors?

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