So guess where Tori & C were at 5 am christmas morning? The pix are HOT and they both maintain that they didn't see another soul until 5 minutes after they finished the shoot. I've been spending quite a bit of time doing Keen/Niteflirt calls and am thoroughly enjoying myself. Particularly this financial domination fetish. Sure I got gifts as a prodomme. I own a $2000 custom made David Menkes 5 piece leather outfit and yes I was flown to London to attend the Rubber Ball a few years ago. However, I have never before been given straight up gifts. There were always implications, insinuations, the slave that bought the leather for me stopped seeing me because I chose to go out with friends on a night that he said he "really needed me." And the trip to London was great, but I had to suffer through attempting to teach my client's girlfriend how to really dominate him, since even though they switched, he completely topped her from below. Today, in addition to the cash I earned from his phone calls, a client sent me a $50 Amazon gift certificate. I bought three items that were on my wishlist: the Audition dvd, Martin Gore's Counterfeit CD and a hot air popcorn popper. I am particularly pleased since at the time he sent me the gift certificate, I had not yet received a single gift this holiday season and was somewhat bummed about that. I have since collected an Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa gift certificate and a bunch of Happy Bunny stuff. I LOVE HAPPY BUNNY!!!! I haven't gotten it yet, but I fully intend to purchase the item below: Is it perfect or what!?!?

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