So I had a session last week. It was phenomenal. He was a client I picked up on, he is my best client from that site and to date I have earned $714.74 chatting with him while he pays $2.99/minute. Over the last few weeks he has gone on about what a heavy masochist and complete pain slut he is and after the day I had following my last post (laptop fell & the screen shattered, the shop flooded because the community access tenant upstairs can't flush a toilet properly) I had plenty of stress that I was looking forward to taking out on his ass. And so...I did. Afterward I walked something like 30 blocks in the cold feeling powerful and sexy. I'm sure it was a combination of my swagger, my shiny blow-job-red lips and the leather boots I was wearing, but more men checked me out during that stroll than have in the last three months. I am not particularly interested in what psychological defect I have that causes this chain of events (domme-work=immediate increase in projected selfworth/attractiveness) and as unhealthy as it may be, I'm glad it exists.

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