G'day Mistress!

Last night I had My first bout of insomnia in over 6 years. Typically I can sleep anywhere, at anytime. I started thinking about Beyond My sheer lack of time, I've been hesitant to work on the site because most of My pix are so old. I made plans to shoot with both Nikki Johnson and Misa Martin "after Anguilla." Yet here I am with My tan fading fast and not a moment in My schedule to play dress-up other than for session.

In making notes for the site, I was listing out My most memorable and unique sessions. Two in particular made Me laugh out loud. The first was prearranged without My typical consultation because the client requested that he not meet with Me out of character. His desire was to see Me exclusively as "Uber Bitch," so a friendly chat beforehand was not an option. I carefully arranged My cleavage and My game face before I walked in the room. My client was nude, kneeling in the center of the room with his head bowed. As if I wasn't taken aback enough by how young and good looking My client was, just after I closed the dungeon door, he looked up and in a booming Australian accent greeted Me with "G'day Mistress!" I couldn't help Myself, I burst out laughing.

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