The Lumpy Couch

So often clients think that their scenario is exceedingly taboo or weird. Of course these are typically your run of the mill foot worshippers and crossdressers. Those are probably the scenes most frequently requested from Me. I'm sure My size 11 feet and extra curvy figure explain that. As requested (and planned anyway) I'll move onto one of My more unique sessions. I saw this client several times over the years and his deepest desire was to be furniture. Not in the way that a Mistress might punish a slave by forcing him to serve as an ashtray or drink holder. The session was primarily verbal with Me describing the upholstry and how very lumpy My new couch was! Think: hour long monologue about sitting on a new couch. If I was feeling particularly fiesty I might claim it was time to clean the couch and pluck a few chest or pubic hairs while complaining that the damn cat must have been shedding again.

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