Possibly Virtual Crack versus Very Real Heroin

I had a disturbing call the other day. Financial client. He hadn't seen a Mistress in over six months. His scene: forced crack smoking followed by large cash advances taken from his credit card. He said, "nothing else makes me so submissive and ready to be taken advantage of." Whoa! I don't even know where to begin to describe My feelings on this one. If this was just a phone fantasy, why shouldn't I let him think I'd be glad to score for him, immobilize him in bondage and hold a crack pipe up to his lips and command him to smoke it "for Me?" On the other hand, his decriptions seemed pretty real. Where did he dig up this former Mistress? I know the scene is rife with drugs, however I've managed (for the most part) not to be involved with those people. From a pop-psych perspective, it immediately makes sense: self-destructive behavior combined with intensity seeking. Honestly though, I've met more former drug addicts in the scene than current users.

Ironically, I am more often faced with morality issues at the shop. In the dungeon, I know what I am interested in doing for money and what I am not. My boundaries there are pretty clear. But do I buy a sealed KISS box set from a dopesick junky? Of course we can use the CDs. If I don't buy it someone else will, right? If I do buy it, am I an enabler? Do I care? Am I expressing an implicit approval of heroin use? If I make a completely lowball offer, am I taking advantage of someone in a desperate situation?

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