Lola and the belated Ronald Reagan obituary link

As you may or may not know, My friendster profile reads, "I live with a cat named Sela, a bearded dragon named Bob and an obsessive-compulsive packrat." You might think that was enough in the pet department, however...

Lately one of our employees has been letting us dogsit her absolutely amazing one year old french bulldog. I am fully aware that websites and blogs devoted to how adorable one's pet(s) are, is beyond passe. However this animal has utterly stolen My heart.

Her name is Lola. No she wasn't a showgirl, nor does she walk like a woman and talk like man.

I know everyone is completely Reaganed out by now, but I've been meaning to link to this since I first saw it. Call Me completely gullible if you will, but as much as I was surprised, I was actually taken in by the first few paragraphs.

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