My Smoking Fetish/Addiction

I know it has been too long. I suppose I am just beginning to emerge from a major depressive cocoon. They upped My meds, I've lost 20 lbs on Jenny Craig and summer has finally arrived, so I am back, again. Amusing thoughts that I meant to blog about...Is there a fetish for stutterers? A friend was searching for one and said maybe he should have googled (I know, I know, it is something like kleenex for tissues or xerox for photocopy) st-t-t-utt-t-t-er-ers. I am a total nicotine addict. I love to smoke. C however wishes for Me to live a long healthy life without the eventual aid of a respirator, so his campaign for Me to quit continues. Most recently I was busted breaking our current agreement not to buy My own packs. He came home and found Me asleep on the bed with a nearly full pack beside Me. He ripped the pack in half. Junky that I am, the next day I assembled a smokable cigarette by using My endless supply of nicotine patches to hold the filter onto the rest of the cigarette! At the time I realized how absurd what I was doing might seem, even as it made perfect sense to Me. I've also found that the plastic tray that houses the patches doubles wonderfully as an ashtray.

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