Which is more terrifying? A naked blue Japanese child in your peripheral vision OR a Japanese home strewn with garbage?

Has anyone either read far enough back or been reading this blog long enough to know about My favorite NYC film festival? That's right kids, it is time for Subway Cinema's annual New York Asian Film Fest. how great is the flyer?

I was slightly dissappointed to see that there were no Takashi Miike flicks this year. So far we've seen: Legend of Evil Lake, Zatoichi 3, Juon and Juon2. This was the second time we saw Juon, last year some time it was up at Lincoln Center, but it was just as scary the second time! Perhaps even more frightening, is that the american remake is already in post-production starring starring Sarah Michelle Gellar! As we exited the theater C overheard someone explaining to his companions that it was actually the messy house that really scared Japanese audiences.

Flicks I am particularly looking forward to are: Vibrator, Antenna, Azumi and Doppelganger. When I playfully bitched at one of the organizers about the fact that they don't sell full festival passes and that they had better start meeting My needs by next year, he told us that unless they find a corporate sponsor, there might not be one next year. It is terrifically expensive getting these films over here to be shown. So if you have the corporate strings to pull...even if you don't, COME CHECK IT OUT!!!

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