This week in fetish

Sunday night I unintentionally ended up at Byte. I live on the same block. Month after month I'm headed home and suddenly there's fetish on my block. I always find it slightly disconcerting. It is also amusing how some people don't even recognize me out of gear. But this time, I was locked out of my apt and after hanging around outside for awhile waiting for someone to come in or out of my building, I finally just went in for a drink. Many of the usual suspects were there. I chatted briefly with Harlequinn, Domina M and Cyber. I spent more time with Ardenne. She was carrying the most magnificent crop. I finally met Troy Orleans, she actually recognized me while I was having a smoke and introduced herself. In some ways it is bizarre to be at a fetish event in a t-shirt, denim skirt & cowboy boots. On the other hand, I'm a domme regardless of what I'm wearing.

On Monday I sessioned with the victim I'll be using for tomorrow's demo at Rapture. He was great fun to play with, but we actually got along so well and were chatting so much that I had to tell him to shut up because our conversation was distracting me from our play.

Tonight I dropped a hundred bucks in less than ten minutes buying stockings over at The Sock Man. I got old fashioned cuban heels, fishnets, thigh highs and traditional black stockings galore. As I don't have any stocking fetishists booked for this week, it was a kinda frivolous purchase, but honestly I just couldn't resist.

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