Oysters and Electric Blue Latex on the roof

The funk of my last post only lasted a day, sorry to have left the blogosphere under the impression that I was still stuck in an introspective slump. Actually life has been quite grand. One of the ways that might best be illustrated is that I've had oysters four times in the last seven days. I highly recommend all of the following restaurants: Blue Ribbon, Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar, Marlow & Sons and Balthazar.

I did a photoshoot on the Arena roof with Ingela. Not only is she incredibly hot, as evidenced below, she's just as good on the other side of the lens. Most amusing though is that at the moment this shot was taken, in her breathy, ever-so sexy Swedish-accented voice, she is saying to me, "Close your eyes. Open your mouth. You are in ecstasy! Show me ecstasy!"
ps...The Trainer receives full credit for the state of my legs in this photo, see going to the gym pays off!

I've finally done a bit of updating to my professional site AND I'll be guest Mistressing at The Den of Iniquity in Los Angeles October 10th-13th. Aren't you excited? I am!!!

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