A's Guest Blogger Entry

This morning we went to a new section of roma- in search of a foodie's adventure. We entered a neighborhood/market (Testaccio) that looks just like essex street market and were greeted by bargain shoppers buying shoes and cheap wares. In the overflowing stalls vendors sold gorgeous zucchini flowers, 30 varieties of tomatoes, countless cuts of meat and breads. We wandered around for a long time- one of my favorite moments was this guy shucking lima beans.

I really loved where we followed this awesome book's (Italy for the Gourmet Traveler) suggestion and went to Gastronomia E. Volpetti-- oh my god--foodie paradise. We were there for over an hour, met Claudio the proprietor and walked out with a perfect picnic lunch and presents for friends and ourselves.

We got back to our apartment ate our fabulous lunch including wild boar prosciutto, cheese, olives, artichoke an amazing bottle of red and a variety of fresh breads and a desert that taste similar to hamantashen. Afterward we quickly passed out- to snack on some leftovers post nap and walk the streets of rome again.

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