Tuscany is literally breathtaking. We love the sheep.

So...neither of us really dug Florence. Therefore I haven't had much to say. But now we are in Tuscany. Staying at the magnificent La Bandita. It is so unbelievably stunningly beautiful here. This afternoon A & I were discussing how sensory our memories of this trip will be...the sound of running water & the cool damp air beneath San Clemente, the septic stink that tinged the air nearly everywhere we went in Florence, the scent of jasmine wafting through the windows of our rental car while lost in the Tuscan countryside this afternoon and shortly after we arrived at La Bandita, the tinkling of bells as the sheep grazed just down the hillside from us.

Life seems somehow simpler and purer here. The in house chef laughed as he carried a beer over to a farmer astride a tractor on the adjoining property. He explained that the beer he carried would translate to three lbs of fresh ricotta tomorrow morning.

We're completely off the map (my GPS indicated that we left known roads at least ten minutes before we actually arrived). The decor is minimalist and perfect to me. The house cat is friendly and the staff are just lovely people. I'm so incredibly lucky. I know that my life is amazing and I am so so grateful. Flipping through their (made on a mac) bound photobook of "the Making of La Bandita" I hope I'm glancing at my future.

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