Hooray for wifi in airports!

I'm sitting in JFK waiting for my flight to Paris which will lead to my flight to Rome. I'm not sure if I could imagine a better birthday than today. I woke up crazy early for a vanilla job interview and...I GOT THE GIG! It isn't exactly what I wanted but it is only a smidgen away and if you couldn't tell, I'm really excited about it! Ecstatic is really a more apt term. I think I will be really happy in my new position and even if somehow I'm not, it seems to have tremendous stepping stone potential. Life is really really good. I spent the afternoon and early evening with Rob. He brought me a bouquet of incredibly colored roses. Each one seems to have a really subtle gradation of color ranging from pale yellow at the petal's base through peach to end in a vibrant orange at the tip. They're stunning, However I doubt they'll still be alive by the time I return. It is of course the thought that counts. We've been together a year and this is the first time he's given me flowers. I hate that I'm not going to get to watch them fully open. Don't think I'm not grateful, because I really am, but I was surprised that he didn't know that I prefer exotics. I've always felt roses were a lazy choice, however this set were so beautiful, I may need to rethink that. We had dinner at Blue Ribbon a favorite for both of us that we've never enjoyed together. Oysters! Plump juicy exploding in my mouth west coast oysters followed by their always delectable bone marrow appetizer, pierogies (which I had never had. There, I mean. I love Odessa's pierogies, but Blue Ribbon's are on another plane altogether...most perfect dough encasing EVER!). I had the skate (one day I swear I'll order a different main course there). I'm so god damn happy. Headed off to Italy now.

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