I have new daily reading: Belle de Jour diary of a london call girl. I guess having stuck my toes (literally, hehehe) back into the sex industry has sent me looking for other intelligent, still sane people who can actually separate their sex work from their real lives. It isn't that I haven't met a few at our dungeon, but they are rare. I stopped at the new studio tonight on my way to break into my old boss' apartment to feed her cats. The dungeon moved over 2 months ago, but I haven't done any sessions and have been lazy about checking it out. Misa was there doing a photo shoot, and it was terrific to see her. There are only 2 rooms up and running for now and I have an intense preference for the red room over the white. Of course there aren't any pix up yet on the web to show you, but I'm sure they'll be there eventually.

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