Drunk at Ground Zero

I had an excellent low-key b-day. One of My childhood friends who I rarely see has intinctively called Me on My actual birthday the last three years. Each time she thinks the actual date is later in the month. We had dinner together and a major catch-up session. Thursday J picked Me up at the shop and we headed over to the kitting factory for the New Model Army show. He's only 23 and is very much a disgruntled youth. Hanging out with him reminds Me so much of high school. We picked up a small bottle of vodka and a bottle of orange juice, mixed them and strolled over to the show drinking our "cocktail." We got there an hour after the doors opened but still an hour before NMA went on, so we started wandering aroung tribeca. We ended up at Ground Zero. Drunk and laughing hysterically, I think we may have upset some late night tourists. This was the first time I actually went close enough to look at the site. It has been so long that I wasn't upset by it at all, just sorta bewildered at the sheer amount of open space and the personal landmarks that are no longer there. We stood against the fence and I said stuff like, "the Borders was just about there, and the stairs were over there...." I had such a great time at the show. There are so few bands that I still care about.

The Ball is coming up quickly and I still haven't figured out what I'm going to wear. C has randomly obtained a black woman's braided wig and it has become the basis of his Rick James costume. See the cover of Street Songs:
Along with some of My pvc gear and a little black face...