My entry for the Encyclopedia of Sex... spitroast

Earlier today I discovered the Encyclopedia of Sex via a link on Dana's blog. Later in the day I received an email from the site's creator asking for help. Did he email everyone in the blogosphere? or just My friends? Regardless, I came up with a submission of My own, but couldn't login. So, for your entertainment and enlightenment, I present My pilfered definition of spitroast: whereby one male will penetrate a female (or male) in the mouth and another man will enter the vagina or anus of the orally penetrated person. If the receptive partner is on their hands and knees, this is also called a wobbly H.

The above definition is lifted from The Free Dictionary under "Multiple Penetration"

As I might use it in a sentence, "You little pussy faced bitch! If I have to tell you to get your hands away from your cock one more time, I'll have you spitroasted tonight!"

I must add that I have only learned this term Myself in the last 2 or 3 years when an Aussie friend of mine came back from a night of drinking after playing netball. One of the other girls on her team told them all a debauched story about being spitroasted by her boyfriend and a friend of his. My friend immediately related this tale to all of our friends over brunch the next morning, asking if any of us were familiar with the term.

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