It's My birthday!

Twenty-nine years ago today I exited My mother's womb approximately seven weeks early (probably the last time I was early for anything!). My day began with a wake-up kiss, chocolate truffles and flowers from C. He came home for a snuggle before I left for the shop. Typically he shaves his head and beard for My birthday (the guy I started dating had a shaved head and a goatee, not this fluffy bearded shaggy headed homeless looking dude he becomes every winter). This morning the fluff was still there, so I'm hoping it will be gone by tonight. The b-day calls have been coming all morning. Everyone is asking what I'm doing to celebrate. I don't really have anything planned other than going to see New Model Army play thursday night at the Knitting Factory. I was once a rabid NMA fan and they put on a great show, so I'm really looking forward to it. I put out an email reminding My regular clients that today was My birthday and called for all "slaves, panty bitches and pain sluts" to pay tribute to Me by hitting My Amazon wishlist.

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