Moldy Peaches saves Accidental CDs

So, here's some breaking news for the indie rock world. Moldy Peaches will be reuniting to do a benefit show for the shop. Wow. From what I understand they have been "on hiatus" for two years. Besides being local, and loving the shop (like everyone). C and the shop have a legendary special place in Adam Greene and Kimya Dawson's hearts. The way the story that he tells goes, way back in time before MP2K were even signed, we used to play their CD is the store all the time. We were selling burns that Adam made of their songs on consignment. And in that typical NYC is such a small town, one of our regular customers, Eric (who now owns Lit) was then a bartender at Bowery Ballroom. He walked in one night while the disc was on, asked, "Who is this? they're great!" C told him about them and he told C to tell them to drop a disc over at Mercury Lounge with the booking agent. C passed the message onto Adam and in the way that history is made, he ran a disc over and within a short time, they were booked to play with another local band that had their own buzz: the Strokes. I don't remember the rest of the story, how they hooked up with the Strokes' manager, but I think it was the beginning of the road that ended up with them signed to Rough Trade. We've always been amazed at how well known they've become. Over the last few years, we've had many new staff members (thanks to the no-longer-free craigslist job listings) who arrived at the shop already a Moldy Peaches fan.

Yes I left, but I still have a special place in My heart for that insane spot. C'mon, I spent practically every waking moment (and plenty of sleeping ones) there for the last five years. Hopefully this benefit will produce the boost that C needs to keep the store open. As soon as I know for sure the date and place (even though I am not sure how welcome I'll be there) I'll let you know.

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